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Unconditional love…

I was watching a show about near-death-experiences and one of the persons that went through that experience said that when she was in this beautiful place, she felt unconditional love towards everything.  That made me think about the meaning of this blessed love.

The only example I can use is the love I have for my own daughter.  She does not have to do anything or give me anything for me to feel this kind of sentiment.  I think the love you have for your children is the only unconditional love we can feel.  No reasoning, no logic, it just is.

A spouse, a friend, brother, sister, by now you get my thinking, are loved by us, but somehow, there are some conditions always.  It is as if we are always negotiating in our minds and comparing feelings of gratitude, feelings of judgment and feelings of jealousy and feelings of unworthiness.  Those are conditions we place verbally or mentally on others to justify to us if they should be loved by us, or the other way around, if they love us as they say they do.

I may have compassion, love, admiration, and so on, but unconditional love, only for my daughter.  That’s my thinking, again.

Now, the purest unconditional love is the one that God has for all of us.  Just try to imagine that kind of pure and genuine love.  I am grateful that even in my most horrible moments when I behave as a miserable human being, God still understands, and loves me just as I am.

I felt compelled to share my feelings with you, because we need to know that we are loved always by our Creator and we always have the utmost support, we just need to ask.

So…it was today…29 September, 2011…a day of feeling unconditional love for my daughter and feeling loved unconditionally.

Have a very lovely weekend and I shall return on Monday.

Your Happy Contessa

“One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life:  That word is love.”  Sophocles, ancient Greek tragedian.  497 BC – 406 BC.

Signs of the Fall Season…all from a box…

Let the season begin!  Nice cool temperatures in the evening, changing of the color of some leaves, pumpkins on sight, dreams of sipping apple cider on a nice cold evening with friends, stirring it with a piece of cinammon…which movie am I watching?

Welcome to Florida…the forever summer land.  Like most of the stuff in our lives, this season is coming into my house from inside of a box.  Deep down, there are other colors, such as green and red, but not yet.  Only the Fall colors will do.

I’ll get some real pumpkins, yes we do have those here, from China?  Nope, from somewhere in the good U.S.A.  Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apple pies, sweet potato pies,  how lovely a season…light sweaters, boots, hats, scarves…I’m dreaming of a green season, with all the heat my body can resist…dreaming and more dreaming of a greener than ever season, that’s what is in for me.

Not complaining…had a good oil change today…you know, the work horse, so I am happy.  And I am getting the spirit, even if it is coming from inside a box.  Mind over matter, my friends.

So…it was today…28 September, 2011, a day of dreaming of good times and getting ready for the better ones yet.

Your Happy Contessa

“The transcendental state of Being lies beyond all-seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting–beyond all thinking and beyond all feeling.”  Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, developed the Transcendental Meditation techniques.  Born in India 12 January, 1914 – 5 February, 2008.

He Tarzan…Me Jane…

Well, well…I did not want to talk about this but…It is a jungle down here.  First I dealt with some unwanted visitors that will show up after I had gone to bed, and I will surprise them if I went into the kitchen for water…and oh man, there they were.

I fixed those ones all right!  Some boric acid and some alluring tablets did the trick.  No more of those.  Have found some casualties here and there, but my nights are now only interrupted by the once-an-hour-trains.

But there are other visitors that are making me a bit nervous and have me jumping at any minor noise I hear.  The froggies and lizards are invading my sunroom and are making me paranoid.  Have tried to find out where they are coming in, but no luck.  Afraid to go on the outside and get into the petite jungle in front of my sunroom, but I guess I will have to put on my boots and brave the wild environment out there and make Crocodile Dundee take a run for his money.  Oops, I mean Tarzan.

This morning there was a big Mrs. Humongous Froggie.  Could not read the newspaper outside, and breakfast did not taste the same, because I was on alert to do I don’t know what.  True, they are smaller than I am, by my mind gives them more power.

Had to share this with you all.  It is becoming an obsession of mine.  Go every two minutes to the sun room to see where in the world is that humongous Mrs. Froggie.  Finally, around 10:15 pm there was a moment of silence for the defunct.  Legs, very, very long.  Jumping no more.  Out of respect for the gone away, no picture-taking was allowed.

So…it was today…27 September, 2011, a day of fighting the jungle in the tropical zone of my apartment somewhere in Florida, the land of co-existing with all kinds of creatures.

Your Happy Contessa

“Patience is the best remedy for every trouble.”  Titus Maccius Plautus, Roman playwright of the Old Latin Period.  254 BC – 184 BC.

…And everything will be back to normal…

While watching one of my Novelas, one of the characters said to her soon-to-be husband, “when everything goes back to normal….”  This phrase made me think that things are always normal, because it is what we are going through at that moment in particular.

If we compare one moment to another, that will bring a feeling of non-conformity with what it is.  Then, we are not digesting the moment, because we think that things should be different, always looking for something better.  But then, better according to whom.  It has to be according to that particular person, because what makes me happy, does not necessarily will make you happy.  That’s why it is so important to get to know yourself very well.  You might be surprised with your own standards to measure everything.

All of us are in different stages of our journey.  If we are focussing always in the future or comparing our present with past experiences or with somebody else’s experiences, we are losing the experience, or joy, or importance of that moment.  That particular moment is the foundation of the future steps in our journey.  If we are pining on the future or the past, well…there goes the lesson for today.  Have to go back to class and hammer on that one until we get it.

I am talking to myself here, if it hits you somehow, then more power to this moment.

Since my husband went to Heaven, I try to live my moments as if there’s no going to be another.  That’s what propels me to do the things I need to do, because I may not have tomorrow.  Do not take anything for granted.  My moments, good or not so hot are my only moments.  I always ask myself this question every night before falling asleep; if I were to convert into energy right now, did I do all that I set out to do, and am I satisfied with my life.  The answer has to be yes, because otherwise I get up and add whatever is pending to the list.

Frankly, this posting seems a bit discombobulated to me, but I am not changing it because I know there was a reason why I wrote it the way I did.

So…it was today…26 September, 2011…a day of catching the wisdom from the universe and writing it down for whatever reason.

Your Happy Contessa

“As we get deeper, we move closer and closer to other people; we feel closer to life as a whole.”  Eknath Easwaran, Indian spiritual teacher and author of books on meditation.  17 December 1910 – 26 October, 1999.

Note:  I feel very good today because I was given the opportunity to be part of something bigger than me.  I feel proud to say that I had a part in helping “The Combating Autism Reauthorization Act of 2011” pass through the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.  Thank you Lucy for giving me this opportunity.  When opportunities to be a part of something bigger than us are presented, take them.

Two tablespoons…

Since I moved here, around two months and so ago, I have been dreading doing my laundry, but it is a weekly ceremony that must be done.

Today, for the first time I had to go to the second floor to use the dryer, because the one next to my apartment was perspiring tremendously.  The thing thought it was a sauna to be.  Steam coming out of it when I first opened the door.  I used the washer as usual, and decided to use the other dryer to avoid any great drama on a Sunday afternoon.

Time came to go upstairs.  Had to wait for another lady to empty the dryer, but not a big deal.  Then when I was getting ready to go to my apartment to put my timer to remember to get my dried clothes, I noticed a “Stop” label on top of the washer.  It said to only use two tablespoons of powder or liquid detergent, because it was a high-efficiency washer.

I am still pondering on that one.  Does the machine have more hands than the older ones?  Does it chew the clothes faster, will it be clean as a whistle?  I don’t know what the answers are to these questions, but one thing I know for certain.   I do not like the whole concept.  Are “they” getting ready to stick it to us one more time and give us less detergent.  Are “they” conditioning our minds to the principle that “less is always better.”  With this, I mean, they may be trying to psych all of us to accept that we don’t need much money, much food, that we can do with less sleep, less clothes, less shoes (that is a hard one for some of my readers, I know) and less handbags.  Hi Lucy!

You know how “they” have been shaving off the soap, so it was the beginning of the “less is more” concept.

What am I going to do?  I have to follow the signs, otherwise, I may be messing up my “around the corner” laundry room.  At $1.25 a wash, maybe “they” want us to feel better using less detergent.  Dingy clothes?  Who cares, we are a bunch of old ladies.  Who’s looking at us anyways?  This is getting bad.  Cannot make too much noise, trains going by at 2:35 a.m., blowing their whistle as if there were lots of bodies sleeping on the tracks,   apartment having its own conversation with noises coming from everywhere.  What gives.

So…it was today…25 September, 2011…a day of doing more with less.  Right!

Your Happy Contessa

“The latest combo, dingy clothes and wrinkles go well together.”  Happy Contessa’s new life experience.

Celebrating the goodness and differences in all of us…

I was reading a posting on Facebook yesterday whereby one person was making a comment about how his ideological friends that belong to the party other than his should feel bad for their ideological preference.

It made me feel very sad for this person, because I thought that to distill so much anger and sarcasm, you must be in a very sad and unhappy position.  A happy and content person would not make comments like that, because the beauty of our friends is their uniqueness, and we need people around us to think different from ourselves, otherwise there is no learning, no progress and just plain boring.  The rainbow has seven colors, that’s why it is so beautiful.

I learned to love and appreciate my friends before I knew about their ideological preferences.  I need to respect them because of who they are and where they are.  For some very special reasons, I chose them to be my friends.

Then, today while doing my chores downtown of the beautiful area where I reside, look what I found in the park.  An incredible amount of love represented by these pink flamingos.

There are more beauty and goodness in all of us than the other way around.

To all my dear friends, I love all and each one of you right as you are.  I would not want you to be like me, because then you are not being honest with me and most important, to yourself.

So…it was today…22 September, 2011…a day to celebrate the differences in each one of us.

Make it a beautiful weekend.  Until next Monday!

Your Happy Contessa

“A friend is someone who knows all about you and loves you just the same.”  Anonymous

What this blog is really all about…my footprints during my journey…

This blog is really a conversation with all of my friends, but most important, it is a recorded diary of some sort for my daughter, so she can understand the hows and whys of who I am.

We very seldom have deep conversations with our children.  We mostly talk about problems, about issues they or we are facing,  and talk very briefly about things in general.  Very seldom do we talk about the meaning of things to us and how we see things and the whys behind our reasonings and actions.

There are so many things I am still learning from my mother.  She is 85 and the more we talk, the more I understand how I am.  Because I can understand the provenance of my behavior and customs.  Also, why I do things the way I do them and why I respond to certain things the way I do.

In a way, I want my daughter and me to know each other as individuals, besides being the mother and daughter in our petite family.  I think we do appreciate each other more and also are more inclined to respect each other’s opinions.  That does not mean it makes things perfect, for me, it makes them understandable.

It is always good to have conversations about something else, other than our problems and needs.  We are so unique and it is worth it to find the miraculous world on which our children sojourn.  Also, the other way around.

So this blog is kind of a legacy.  I hope.

It was today…21 September, 2011…a day of conversations…with my friends and my dear daughter.  Hope she reads today.

Your Happy Contessa

“The story’s about you.”  Horace, Roman lyric poet, during Augustus.  8 December, 65 BC – 27 November, 8 BC.

The power of making lists…even the “My dreams” list

I was going through some of the many lists I have been making for a long while already.

To my surprise, most of the things on the list of “Things to Do” I realized I have accomplished.  This always happens.

In my “Dreams” list (remember I do not like the name of a “bucket” list), even that one, I have accomplished most of the things, but I keep on adding to that list on, let’s say, a weekly basis.  Once a dream gets accomplished, a new one needs to replace that one.  Besides, sometimes our dreams of six months ago, become obsolete, because we are changing and growing intellectually on a daily basis.

One thing leads to another.  Learning French…I am considering the possibility of going to France to stay there for maybe six months.  That’s not that far-fetched anymore, because we are becoming an international village.  A friend of mine just returned from Germany, and she told me she is going to sell her home, rent a smaller apartment and go to Germany and stay there for six months of the year.  She has relatives there, so there is a powerful reason. Maybe that will become an opportunity for me to go and visit with her and get to know another European country.  Need to travel while I can move my legs and my arms and go to the bathroom when I want, not when it happens on you.  You know what I mean.  Things happen.

Well, the power of lists is like listing your dreams and objectives and watching them happen.  But there’s a secret to that.  You must read your list on a daily basis, so your neurons remember to scan anything and everything related to your dream and make it more obvious to you.  Sometimes we miss a lot, because we are not focusing on anything in particular.  Thereby lies the power of making lists.  And of course, you need to take action!

So…it was today…20 September, 2011…a day of checking my “Dreams and To Do” lists.

Your Happy Contessa

“I’m making a list of things I must say for politeness, and goodness and kindness and gentleness, sweetness and rightness:
Pardon me
How are you?
Excuse me
Bless you
May I?
Thank you
If you know some that I’ve forgot,
Please stick them in your eye!”

From “Where the Sidewalk Ends, by Shel Silverstein, American writer, poet, singer, screenwriter, cartoonist and author of children’s books.  25 September, 1930 – 10 May, 1999.

Thanks God for the arts…and beautiful things…

Today, during the process of doing my mundane chores, I stopped at a red light.  There I pondered about the pesky little cameras waiting to suck it to a careless driver and to the ones that are careful also.

We live in a society where the state derives pleasure from setting up its citizens for failure.  It does not matter what it is.

Food, environment, taxes, even after you die, there is more manure to deal with than you will never imagine.

So while I was at the red light, one of my favorite songs came into play from my very selectively made c/d.  Right there and then, my mood changed.  I became content, singing along the words (about being in love so beautifully) and even I tried to dance a little as much as I could with my hands and arms and head.  I was in a very, very good mood.

I thought, to heck with the state, the taxes, the traffic cameras, the FDA and all of them better known as big brother, big sister and big mama too.  Suck it to them!  Am I getting too loose with my language?  If so, my apologies.  Just feels good to send the manure back to them, even if it is in my mind.

I feel better already!

So…it was today…19 September, 2011…a day of reckoning to the higher authorities, whomever they may be.

Your Happy Contessa

“And that,” put in the Director sententiously, “that is the secret of happiness and virtue-liking what you’ve got to do. All conditioning aims at that: making people like their inescapable social destiny.”
– Aldous Huxley, Brave New World, Ch. 1

Bag with a lot of surprises…who can you trust anymore…

Just yesterday I learned something that has left me surprised and disappointed, but really, after the initial shock, I am back to being my old self.

I have been training myself not to let anything, too good or too bad to surprise me or shock me.  After six + decades, what gives.

I learned, thanks to my ever investigator friend, that a food chain, one that is very famous for being an authority in organic food was packaging organic frozen vegetables from a country in the far East, the one that is making most of our housewares, clothes, and everything else, and making the vegetables look from the image in the plastic bag as if they were a product of the U.S.   What a let down!

I will not be caught in high suspense surprise if one day a baby will come out of the mommy’s womb with scanned numbers printed on its butt and a label that would read “Made in China.”

Going back to the supposedly “organic heaven,”  the food in the salad bar and food that you can purchase ready to eat (hot) were or are not organic.  So much for my good feeling whenever I went to eat to give myself a treat at this organic authority.

So is life, what we see is not necessarily what we get.  But using logic, isn’t that the case with everything, even human relationships.  So…in conclusion I have decided to give myself an extra half hour to READ labels and make sure (or give myself the illusion) that I am picking up the right product.  Wishful thinking!

So…it was today…18 September, 2011…a day of feeling the little wooden knife stabbed on my back once again by “them.”

Your Happy Contessa

One definition of chemicals:  “Noxious substances from which modern foods are made.”  Author unknown.