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Christmas Spirit…Welcome Home!

dscn0741This is a so much better picture than the last one, when I was all discombobulated.

Now I feel like I look in the picture…in balance, happy and a bit regal.  Yes, I feel like a princess most of the time.

I am stuck!  Nowhere to go…the annoying muses have left for Florida and all I have left here in my little castle is my disappearing neurons and my fingers typing anything, just for the sake of typing.

So…tomorrow I am going to my exercise class, went to my guitar lesson last Tuesday, went shopping today…wow! this is the worst it has ever been.  Not willing to take a nap, because I just had two 72% dark chocolate squares, so my eyes are popping out…have placed an emergency call to the muses down in South Beach, but they blocked me on their phones.  Up the creek and no paddle.  There goes the royal look and intention to have an elegant and balanced posting.

Now, now, this is totally not going they way I was envisioning this posting, but so is most of my life…back to being royal, with the Christmas Spirit and all of that.

My apologies…just enjoy the regal picture and let me save face right now and sign off.

Bad…really bad.  Maybe next time I should try sharing a Christmas cookie receipt, I meant recipe.  Everyone loves that!  Golly, it’s only downhill from here…what the heck happened to the jolly, happy beginning?   My gosh…it’s the weather’s fault!

Merry Christmas….Feliz Navidad…at least that saves the day!


It’s just too much…snow in the blog…wreath on the car…lights on the yard…

dscn0724Yeah!  This business of this time of the year is just becoming too much!  I saw snow falling on my website and then I realized I needed to change the picture because it had fall flowers…so even tired as I am, I needed to change the scenery.  Here I am!  Tired from shopping, putting a wreath on my car, putting lights around the front door, talking with friends, eating a whole, what do call it…yes, eating a whole baguette, uhum…the whole thing with extra virgin olive oil, first cold pressed, because there’s a difference you know…three slices of maple turkey breast, with some left over cranberry sauce, which I made myself, with an orange, an apple, orange rind, cinnamon and some sugar.  Delicioso!

Do I look like the cat that ate a whole cow?  Because that’s how I feel…let’s go back to the business of the holidays.  I love this time of the year, but for a little old lady like me, this is getting to be quite a journey.  I just threw lipstick on, a scarf, a Santa hat I found in a box and told myself to smile.  My lips were moving, but the face was just doing nothing.  Looking its best worst it has looked in ages.  Let’s not even go to the hair issue, I feel it has some issues with the way I comb it, because it just wants to be depressed.  Did you notice the sweatshirt?  I was hoping it won’t be showing on the picture, but there it is.

Again… it was snowing on the blog, and something had to be done.  I know I’ll regret this picture tomorrow, but in the meantime…it was snowing on the blog and I look I am with what’s going on in life.

Thanks God there’s always tomorrow…and all my body pieces and accessories will be rested and will cooperate with me and look halfway decent.

In the meantime, enjoy the snow flakes, they look kind of round little pellets…but pretend it’s snow!

I have checked off the list the snowing business.

Let’s all have a Merry Christmas!