Really…Seriously…Am I for real? That time of the year…Bathing Suits!

This is not exactly where I wanted to end…that color is definitely not good for my skin tone, but the model is in the neighborhood of what I don’t want, but probably will have to settle for. Had a few pictures of bikinis, but when I went into the Fitting Room, the mirror threatened toContinue reading “Really…Seriously…Am I for real? That time of the year…Bathing Suits!”

Why do I walk…Fringe benefits of walking…

There you have me in the raw…lines, marks, etc., etc.  But so what…this is the real me. This morning while taking my daily walk, a lady stopped her car and asked me if by walking her middle section would get smaller.  I briefly looked at her and saw the middle section, and then…after a millennialContinue reading “Why do I walk…Fringe benefits of walking…”