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Many Happy Birthdays’ Syndrome…and Benefits

To admit or not to admit…to yourself.  Well, I am like a cat fighting going down the trunk of a tree, and leaving claw streaks as I resist gravity and are on my way down.  Down baby, down.

There are a lot of things we (baby boomers) are facing as gravity takes a hold of all our parts and sometimes our brain cells, our friendly neurons.  Ay! Dios Mio.  In English, OMG.

But, there are always three sides to a story.  Mine, yours, and then the real thruth.  There are the fringe benefits of having had many, many happy birthdays!  Discounts, people on long lines at the supermarket try to be nice to you, or not, and other things that sometimes make you feel good, and others that sometimes deflate your ego.  Who was that said “You’re Only Old Once.”  Well, I feel the many happy birthdays on a constant basis.  Not complaining, of course, but the rituals sometimes take the whole month’s agenda.  Let’s not go the doctors’ visits route.  Stay away from those people.

I felt great the first time I received my (cough, cough)15% discount.  Did the celebrating dancing, but had to be careful not to break or disjoint any moving parts.

This thing of many many happy birthdays is part of evolving, but the carrousel moves a bit faster once you hit the 60th mark.  Is it my imagination?

On a sunnier (sun decided to shine just now) note, I am glad I am able to tell my story and have fun while doing so.  Until next post,

Ta ta

Your Happy Contessa

The guitar

The famous guitar…let me give you the story behind this guitar.  It is famous allright.

This morning when I got up and opened the shades, what I saw gave me the chills.  But there is nothing I can do, I told myself.  Have to deal with it, have to be positive, cannot shove the house to someone that has not even made an offer to buy it, I have to make the situation work for me, forget about the chills.

Made coffee, continued to open the rest of all the shades, because the blood that runs through my veins is from the Caribbean, born and nurtured there, and I need all the sunlight I can get to make it out to get the newspaper.

Newspaper and coffee in hand, took the Sports section to learn the gossip of the sports world.  Then saw an update on the North/South Korean issue, and all the you know what of the rest of  planet Earth, its humanoids and its happenings.

But I could not longer continue to evade the issue of the chills.  Went upstairs, the nicest place of the house during the winter, and looked at my hardly noticed friend, the  guitar.  I thought, now, this is a good time to continue to learn this instrument that up to now has been used as a piece of decor.  I tried to learn to play Jingle Bells once in Florida to entertain Milagros and Ron, but the tempo was so slow, that I almost fell asleep while trying to see which  strings I was supposed to play next.

Brain washing myself is now a full time job.  Need to stay centered on the fact that I am going to survive once more the cold weather, even if it drives me nuts.

I will keep you updated on my progress or not, but I see myself maybe at Carnegie Hall sometime next Spring.  Playing?  I’ll leave that up to your imagination, and my spending the whole Winter upstairs playing, I mean, learning to be an accomplished evader of the cold weather.

Good luck to my neighbor!

Your Happy Contessa

P.S.  The chills were caused by the sight of frost on the lawn.

Calm after the storm…

It feels kind of quiet…perfect Fall weather…ball games going on, people spending what they don’t yet have and so life goes on.

Some news from friends facing challenging times with their health, so it makes me ponder on how precious my now moments are.  I need to focus on my blessings and even though things are not the way I wish them to be, I have to have a sense of gratitude and not one of complaining.  The saying goes…”things always happen for the best…” is not an easy sell most of the time.  But patience is a virtue.  Very hard to cultivate I may say.

Sharing some pondering moments,

Your Happy Contessa

The aftermath…how many extra pounds

Well…do the picture says it all?  There was the turkey, the glazed carrots, the biscuits, the sausage-stuffing muffins (first time ever and to die for, literally), regular potatoes, sweet ones, I even ate the skin for the first time too.  Tastes very good.  Learned a lot about sweet potatoes from Lisa Johnson of the Yummy Yammy company (her own).  The salad I brought, I even didn’t look at it.  I graze all week for lunch, so enough is enough.   I don’t think I need to go on with the list.  You have a good imagination.

Then there were all kinds of sweets.   I am sure that by now you get my picture.  I am sure you have your own.

Thanks Miss Rosie, for inviting me over and feeding me, Raylene and Richard for providing transportation in your new car (“preppy boy”)and to the whole family that made me feel like I was one of them.

I hope your Thanksgiving was a very happy one also. 

Well, my dear friends, after setting up my Christmas tree, outside lights and being very happy listening to Christmas songs, until next time.

Your Happy Contessa

Ready for the Tryptophan effect?

Are you ready for the turkey?  The bird and the other kind, you know what I mean.  Humor early in the writing, so it is out of the way.

I have been invited to join a friend and her family for dinner, so I am bringing a salad.  I am fortunate enough that I don’t have to cook the whole enchillada.  No leftovers, though.  So it is back to tuna on Friday.  It is good for you.  Omega 3.  At this stage in life, those little known facts become very important.  You become a walking encyclopedia of things that are good for you.   Uhummm.

But…tomorrow is Thanksgiving and my stomach is already anticipating  the turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, gravy, dinner rolls, cranberry sauce, collard greens and etc., etc. , plus of course, the pumkin pie with whipped cream.

I am already feeling stuffed.  But tomorrow is a new day with high expectations of eating everything and anything within my sight.

Let’s remember the real reason of this holiday….We are so blessed and very thankful for our families, friends, and the soldiers away from their families making a big sacrifice.

Thank you for reading my humble blog, but most of all, for being my friend.

Your Happy Contessa

Thank You God for all of us…

All and each one of us are very important to the way the story is going to be told.  I am thankful for each individual, and situations (good or else) that I have faced in my life, because all of these ingredients have made me who I am today.  Hopefully a better person.

I am very thankful to this incredible country, the United States of America, that has a system that gives us the freedom to do our own thinking and make our own choices.  But who is the United States of America?  It is all of us together, with different ideologies, and way of being that makes us so unique.

I am thankful for my life, for all the people that I have touched or have touched me one way or another, and for all of those that have made me feel that I matter.

Happy Thanksgiving Day everyone!

Your Happy Contessa

Pushing the envelope as usual

Happy Monday to you!  Most of the day is gone, so let’s breathe a bit easier.

Today, I added a new page to my blog.  “Food/Aliment”  I am always trying to learn a new thing and let’s see how this section is going to work.  I don’t know yet, but let’s experiment together.

Hopefully in this new page, we’ll be talking about what we eat, what we like, don’t,  and anything else that comes to our “have had many happy birthdays” mind, but remember it has to be related to food.  At least try.

Merci, gracias and thank you very much,

Your Happy Contessa