My most sincere apologies…

Getting chilly in Central Florida

It has been a while since I last visited my own blog. Shameful!

May I explain? Legit reasons. Birthday celebration, agonizing over my yet to be finished mystery/murder/romance novel; but really, just plain everyday stuff. Zumba, aerobics, trying to eat healthy, buying cute dresses and recently, I just discovered liquid lip color. The bomb. It has argan oil in it. List of ingredients is a tad concerning, but hey, beauty has a price tag. If I am eating or kissing, I do not put that thing on my lips. Get it?

Now, the truth. Watching too many Turkish and Pakistani soap operas (pure drama and romance). I just love them and I have been doing a lot of binge watching.

There you have it. Those things are addictive(soap operas). Have learned a lot of words from their languages. Neurons are fully engaged also. The total package.

Have like 20 books or more on how to be a writer, how to be efficient and stop procrastinating. Are they working? What do you think? 😎

I am going to continue to take my life as it comes. It’s working for me. I hope you’re doing what makes you happy too.

Life is super good!


In love with Love…

Reading “How to be a Parisian wherever you are.” At this pondering moment I am in the page titled In love with love.

Yes, I guess I am and have always been. The Parisienne is in love with the idea of being in love. Well, I am originally from the Dominican Republic and have always been intrigued by this feeling that makes you smile for no reason when you think about that particular person. I am doing that right now. He is certainly handsome. Well, a tad beyond, he has charisma, sex appeal and this je ne sais quoi that is totally unexplainable.

Love has no boundaries, no age limits and no explanation. It just is and it’s such a life altering force.

A beautiful and splendorous life altering force.

Love is in the air and it’s magic.

Go find someone to be in love with.

New look for motivation and inspiration.

Well, I am not an everyday user of my website. So with the many changes just to type a posting, feels like hiking the Himalayas. Even though I respect and appreciate each one of you, most of my time goes to aerobics, Zumba, painting, doing laundry and peeling and chopping fruits and vegetables. It’s high maintenance when you get to be at this stage in life.

Forgot, writing my murder mystery novel. Yes, siestas too are part of keeping up of my being so smart. I skipped the modesty share in my DNA. No one is perfect. It would be too boring.

Doing laundry by hand is also part of my discipline. Watching lots of videos on YouTube about discipline. I am totally unsupervised, so sometimes I get out of control.

Minis are making a comeback in my closet. Also hemming ones that are not, to make them shorter. It’s getting really steamy here in the Florida Peninsula.

My forever faithful readers, have a lovely Easter weekend and may we continue to be strong, resilient and so ever beautiful.

Act like a Writer…

Florida cloudy day perfect for Writing…

Reading a book titled “You are a Writer” so start acting like one. How do writers act? Je ne sais pas. Do you have any idea? Send me a picture if you do, so I can figure this thing out and become a serious writer.

One of the things it suggests is to be on social media. Oopsie, I deleted my accounts from those control freak communists. They started censoring me with threats. What am I? Chopped liver? I already lived under a dictatorship, and if I am still correct, this is a free country. First Amendment of our Constitution.

I am going to be an old fashioned writer such as Jane Austen or Hemingway. No freaking communist social media then, no freaking communist social media for me now.

Life is so good when you have a rebellious free spirit and in my seventies, if I cannot say what I want, when then?

So happily I go to write about the sound of the raindrops on my sunroom roof.

It’s another magnificent cloudy day in Paradise. Florida.

It’s not as easy as I thought writing a novel…

One hour. Getting familiar with a new format on WordPress. Have not posted since last February, so now I am paying the price for not keeping up with changes.

Well, the real issue here is my new found realization that writing a novel is not for people like me that think that anything is doable and fast. No, no!

I just found out that characters are real people with real issues. It’s not just saying she was gorgeous and he was so handsome. No…I have to give all these people some issues in their lives. You know, such as traumas, fears, complexes, it’s like being a shrink to determine what issues I am going to allocate to whom.

What the heck! I was not looking for problems when I decided to write a novel. I was thinking this was going to be a nice little romance story with a dead body somewhere tucked into a paragraph. Not so fast, the muses and the experts tell me.

I don’t know. The problem is that when I tell myself I am going to do something, I just need to do it to have some self-respect. I am re-thinking this self-respect issue now.

At least I have a title and 4 or so characters. Romance running wild in my imagination, so there’s no problem. Problems. For the characters. This is wearing me out.

Wanna bet? I am going to find problems galore for all these people running wild in my mind. Publication date? Only God knows. I can only take so many problems. Personal and now for the characters too.

God have mercy on me and my writing issues.

So it was today, September 16, 2020. Oh yes, 2020. A year to be remembered.

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