My faith in my Creator

What has made my faith stronger is the evidence of all that surrounds me. And the knowing of the things yet to be seen. That’s how strong my faith is.

It was not an innate thing. It came about when I have always been in my most challenging moments, and my faith and trust in God is all I have to carry me on and guide me. There’s always the next blessed moment.

I so totally trust my Creator that I know for sure that I am always going to be ok, because I have surrendered my all to God. So it’s for my family. 

Surrendered everything, because after all, I have no control over anything. I may think I do, but I always go confidently in what I am about to do, and if there’s some corrective action, when I stray away from the path, God is going to move me gently in the ways that are supposed to be good for me and my path.

Yes, I totally and blindly trust my God, because after all, I am one of his children and I know That His is the greatest love that there have been, is and will be. Amen!


“Being an artist means: not numbering and counting, but ripening like a tree, which doesn’t force its sap, and stands confidently in the storms of spring, not afraid that afterwards summer may not come.” Rainer Maria Rilke

Isn’t this like life too? We must be confident in the process of life, once we have surrendered all to God. It’s like magic. Everything nicely flows.

May you continue to follow your bliss and trust that in spite of whatever happens, all is well.

What about me?

I am witty, smart, versatile, petite, opinionated, passionate, flexible, lover of love. 

Love to be attracted to someone, a guy, to keep me excited about how I look. Love to laugh, also, most important thing about my life is my faith in God and about His love for me.

A daughter, a mother, grandmother, a writer, artist and anything else I decide to be at the moment. I am definitely a postive person. A bit antiquated in my beliefs and way of being. 

Strict about my freedoms to express myself and about how life should be. Wish I could be more expressive about my writings because I need it to finish my novel.

I like order, things in an orderly manner and do not appreciate injustice.

Libra, love peace and solitude. Like to ponder, just like my father used to do. I like profound issues and am very much in a deeper spiritual journey.

Yellow, I am favored to that color. Like good stories where good triumphs versus evil.

Generous. Appreciate grateful and joyful people. Do not like haters and uncomfortable situations. Also, love to read a good book and listen to romantic music.

I feel my life is so blessed and I am living my best life right now. Always living my best life at any given moment. 

And yes, I do care to look young, beautiful and joyful. In love with my life.

Noury Buttry, April 11, 2022

Noury Buttry, April 11, 2022

If I could have dinner with anyone in the world, living or dead, who would it be?

I would love to have an opportunity to have a long dinner with my dad.

My dad and me at my high school graduation.

He didn’t talk much and was silent and observing most of the time. 

When he would talk, everyone would listen attentively, as he was a wise and an objective type of person. 

I would ask him about his childhood, about his approach to life and his businesses. He was humble and very focused at the same time. He knew what he wanted to do with his life. And what not. He would go along with my mother to please her, and when the situations wouldn’t turn up right, he very quietly would change course of action.

He was never angry. Frustrated with my mom. A lot. But it seems she was the love of his life, so he went happily, or so we thought, along with her wishes. 

I would also ask him what made him happy and what he thought was the secret to a content and grateful life. His definition of success, in life and in business, also.

He enjoyed good conversations, sports (that’s part of his DNA I inherited), and politics. That also is very much alive in me, considering we lived under a dictatorship for a good number of years.

He died at the young age of mid fifties, from lung cancer. Really, it was the radiation and treatments that accelerated his departure from this planet.

I hope that wherever he is, he is finally at peace and content with his place in the Universe.

I love and miss my dad very much.

Not knowing what to talk about…

Showing off my cowgirl boots!

I promised to self that I would do a posting early every month.

Today is a “cold” day in Central Florida. Mid 50s. For us that’s chilly.

Due to this soup kind of day, my neurons are visiting my freezer. When that happens, I go to my muses who reside in the photo section of my phone. Trying to get inspired. Not easy, but it has never failed me.

Here you see my cowgirl boots. I have to admit, I love the way those boots make me feel. Add a jean jacket and oh la la. I feel so with it. Meaning whatever “it” is. For me, I feel super hot and trendy. I know, because heads turn validating the way I feel.

Do you have cowgirl or cowboy boots? What color? When was the last time you fancy them? Did you feel special? My husband, Ron, now in Heaven was his hottest when he used to wear his cowboy boots. They were ragged and with his old beat up Levi’s and a plaid long sleeve shirt, man, was he a hot number. I’m sure he still is up there.

When I think of him, I can’t help it but smile.

Life is wonderful and photos become the memories of our lives.

Continue to be happy, and enjoy your life to the max.

Hugs and blessings.

So do we start…

Two pictures say it all. That was the beginning of my New Year. Happy, grateful, content and looking wonderful.

Also, just chilling and making sure my 2022 will be just like today. Splendid and fabulous. Allowing nothing or no one to attempt to rain on my parade.

Just in case, I saw a picture with the following caption, “If you have to walk through hell, make sure you walk like you own the place.”

Have or make it a great year! Because your life’s outlook depends on you.

Best wishes always.

My most sincere apologies…

Getting chilly in Central Florida

It has been a while since I last visited my own blog. Shameful!

May I explain? Legit reasons. Birthday celebration, agonizing over my yet to be finished mystery/murder/romance novel; but really, just plain everyday stuff. Zumba, aerobics, trying to eat healthy, buying cute dresses and recently, I just discovered liquid lip color. The bomb. It has argan oil in it. List of ingredients is a tad concerning, but hey, beauty has a price tag. If I am eating or kissing, I do not put that thing on my lips. Get it?

Now, the truth. Watching too many Turkish and Pakistani soap operas (pure drama and romance). I just love them and I have been doing a lot of binge watching.

There you have it. Those things are addictive(soap operas). Have learned a lot of words from their languages. Neurons are fully engaged also. The total package.

Have like 20 books or more on how to be a writer, how to be efficient and stop procrastinating. Are they working? What do you think? 😎

I am going to continue to take my life as it comes. It’s working for me. I hope you’re doing what makes you happy too.

Life is super good!


In love with Love…

Reading “How to be a Parisian wherever you are.” At this pondering moment I am in the page titled In love with love.

Yes, I guess I am and have always been. The Parisienne is in love with the idea of being in love. Well, I am originally from the Dominican Republic and have always been intrigued by this feeling that makes you smile for no reason when you think about that particular person. I am doing that right now. He is certainly handsome. Well, a tad beyond, he has charisma, sex appeal and this je ne sais quoi that is totally unexplainable.

Love has no boundaries, no age limits and no explanation. It just is and it’s such a life altering force.

A beautiful and splendorous life altering force.

Love is in the air and it’s magic.

Go find someone to be in love with.

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