I am taking a break…and by the way… Happy Birthday!!!!!

This is going to be a surprise to all of you as it was to me also.  The first birthday of this blog is November 15, 2011.  That is, tomorrow.  After 270 postings, 786 comments,      726 spam comments, and 8,879 views all-time, I have decided to take a long break. I was watching a show whereContinue reading “I am taking a break…and by the way… Happy Birthday!!!!!”

U.S.A. Made…and my own handywoman capabilities….

This is the way it looked when I purchased.  Very heavy box.  My Superwoman skills came very handy when loading and unloading the heavy bookcase into the cart, into my car, and into my apartment.  You don’t want to know what my mind was processing while doing all of this. But…I wanted a small bookcaseContinue reading “U.S.A. Made…and my own handywoman capabilities….”

Going down to the village for a stroll…

As you have heard me say before, I love my new home in Florida.  It is a small city in Central Florida and it has many amenities to offer such as museums, a small college right downtown, a fabulous library, many boutiques, several ethnic restaurants, bistros and a beautiful park where the terminal for my friendly trainsContinue reading “Going down to the village for a stroll…”

“Today was the best day of my life…”

I already had something working on for today’s posting, but my good friend Lucy sent me an email that contained a story of a young man named Kevin Schombert, a senior at his high school in Frederick County, Maryland. He was named Homecoming King.  According to some of his school mates, he has the highestContinue reading ““Today was the best day of my life…””

The weekend…Fin de Semana…Fin de semaine…

All of us love the idea of the weekend.  We look forward to it as something that will liberate us to do what we really love and just to chill. It is as if we take a breather from life itself.  We feel excited, relaxed and look forward to doing so many things, even thoughContinue reading “The weekend…Fin de Semana…Fin de semaine…”

The list…the list…where is the list…

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with my floating list of things to do.  But this morning, I wrote down all things I would like to accomplish for November, but some of them I must do. While the floating list was existing inside my cranium, I felt somewhat anxious, because on top of the regular stuff, the holidays areContinue reading “The list…the list…where is the list…”

Drip…drip…tick…tock…drip…drip…tick…tock….then…the spoiler…

By now you get it…raining all day.  All my ambitious plans went down the drain.  Lunch will be a lame soup made of celery, carrots, some leftover rice and leftover salmon.  Don’t know how that brew is going to taste, but today is spirits’ day.  I like to make my own holiday.  I call itContinue reading “Drip…drip…tick…tock…drip…drip…tick…tock….then…the spoiler…”