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I am taking a break…and by the way… Happy Birthday!!!!!

This is going to be a surprise to all of you as it was to me also.  The first birthday of this blog is November 15, 2011.  That is, tomorrow.  After 270 postings, 786 comments,      726 spam comments, and 8,879 views all-time, I have decided to take a long break.

I was watching a show where the word intention was mentioned quite a few times.  Then, of course, I questioned my intention of doing this blog.  I had valid and great intentions when I started.  The first one was to relate to my lovely daughter part of my story.  Also, among other things, I learned how to take better pictures, how to express myself a bit better;  learned the ins and outs of blogging to keep my neurons busy and alert, made new blogosphere friends, got to know other friends much better and all in all, it was exciting, motivating and enlightening.

Also, it gave me incentive and motivation to keep on going at that stage of my life when I was going through feeling so alone and with a need to be productive and to learning something new.  All is part of going through the seasons of life.

All that begins must come to an end, eventually.  Before that happens, the end, I want to experience new adventures and exploring other things before I convert back to total energy. What I am trying to say, it is time to move on to something else.  What is that “else”–I do not know right now, but have a slight idea.  When I decide what “it” is, I will share.

I want to express my gratitude to all of you who have been with me in this very interesting part of my life and appreciate each and all of your comments.

As a child, we grow up.  As an aging adult, I feel like the world is my oyster and everything is out there for me just for the asking.

Life is like that famous ice cream company promotes, it has many flavors and this one was very good, but I need to try new and different things.

Thank you again and I wish all and each one of you the best life has to offer.  I do wish the same for myself.  Maybe once in a while, I may be in touch, but do not know how soon.

So…it was today…14 November, 2011…a day to say until we meet again my dearest friends.

Your Happy Contessa

“It is hard to bring closure to some part of your life that you know very well, and welcome the unknown.  But fear must not stop us from venturing out and making new discoveries.”   Happy Contessa

Oops!…I forgot…

Hold it!  That’s what I am telling the frontal part of my brain.  The famous Perry moment has been dissected and analyzed so much that the subject of my posting today has been taken over by the incident this poor politician had last night.

It was a simple…”senior moment.”  Why don’t they call it what it is.  Brain freeze or overload or in the baby boomers’ lingo, a “senior moment.”

Do we still have a red telephone in the White House that our fearless leader is supposed to use in case of a nuclear threat?  Oops!  Cannot get confused with the colors of the phones.  It will send us flying into orbit, all of us, and I mean the whole planet.

This is so bad.  I feel I am being mean to the poor man, but when you are running for public office, and not just any public office, but the presidency of the United States of America, you better have your Wheaties every morning and your Senior Centrum with extra vitamin B and plenty of potassium every single day.

And to think I thought I would not have anything to write about today.

If you have cockroaches behind your walls, any dirty laundry, any mental stress, or any little honeys hiding waiting to be discovered, please spare us the embarrassing moments some of you are putting us through.  I couldn’t run for office, because right away they will say I cannot be understood, my accent is too heavy.  That’s why I cannot be a U.S. Senator.  I know my weaknesses.  What a waste.  A woman with so much talent like me cannot serve all of you, just because of my accent.  Just kidding.  I have plenty in my life the way it is right now.

My fellow citizens, before you think about running for public office, please, I implore you, Google yourselves, look at your Yearbooks and try to remember, after you have taken your Centrum vitamins, if there are some dots that can be connected by somebody else.  And remember guys, keep those zippers really, really closed.  Don’t let a moment of weakness outshine your moment of Oops!

So…it was today, 10 November, 2011…a day to remember…or oops, forget.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot, have the loveliest of weekends and I shall return on Monday.

Your Happy Contessa

“Too much talk, beware trouble…”  Old Chinese proverb.

U.S.A. Made…and my own handywoman capabilities….

This is the way it looked when I purchased.  Very heavy box.  My Superwoman skills came very handy when loading and unloading the heavy bookcase into the cart, into my car, and into my apartment.  You don’t want to know what my mind was processing while doing all of this.

But…I wanted a small bookcase in my bedroom, and of course, inexpensive also.  $16 plus tax, but the best part is…it is made in the U.S.A.!!!!!!  I was searching for an old little bookcase, but it never showed up into my life, so this is it.

I am making it my purpose to check label for provenance.  Cannot fight La Grand China, but I am finding quite a few items made in our own soil.  That translates into jobs for our population.  We need to do our part.  We should ask retailers to show when a product is made here in our country.  It feels good to consume our own products.

Took it out of the box.  Thanks God I remembered when Ron and I put one together and we didn’t check front side vs. back side.  We had to disassemble the whole bookcase.  That was a larger one.  So I prepared myself and checked to match all sides, had the right tools and there I went.  Some of the muscles on my arms are more prominent after I finished putting the bookcase together.  Had to take deep breaths while pushing the screws into place.

And…after one hour and a half…drumrolls, please…

Now, I do not want to fill it up totally, because aesthetic is very important.  Things have to be utilitarian, but with a degree of flair.  C’est la vie in my digs.

I know I can…I knew I could.  I am gearing up for the next project…the Christmas tree.

So…it was today…9 November, 2011…a day that I put together a bookcase and feeling very good for my accomplishment.

Your Happy Contessa

“The strength of any plan depends on timing.”  Michel E. De Montaigne, one of the most influential writers of the French Renaissance.  28 February, 1533 – 13 September, 1592.

Going down to the village for a stroll…

As you have heard me say before, I love my new home in Florida.  It is a small city in Central Florida and it has many amenities to offer such as museums, a small college right downtown, a fabulous library, many boutiques, several ethnic restaurants, bistros and a beautiful park where the terminal for my friendly trains is located.

One of my dear friends  is having a birthday coming up, so we decided to hang around my downtown.  I discovered a new place to park the car for three hours, but need to move it when the three hours are due, because as we were told, the friendly police will ticket you.  We went in and out, in and out of the many shops.  I was holding very tight to my dinero.

The pains of hunger started to knock on my psych and when we were passing by a guy giving out samples of quinoa salad, that was the catcher.  It was so good.  It reminded me of tabouli, with red pepper, tomato, lemon juice sprinkled on and maybe parsley, and some goat cheese . We shared a chicken Panini made with free-range-chicken and all the good stuff they give the bird to make it safe and good for us.  No hormones.  There it went out of the window my vegan intentions.  The chicken was really tender and juicy.  It had some tomatoes, and very slim pieces of squash and other veggies.  Highly recommended!

Then at the end of the day, we went to try…let me see how to say this without making anyone blush.  We went to see how we could lift and perk up the girls.  To my female audience, no explanations necessary.  To my only male audience guy, just pretend you don’t have the foggiest idea of what I am talking about.  Better for everyone.

Have you ever been to a fitting session?  It is so stressful!!  And it is not cheap to look all perked up.  All in the name of looking good and feel that we are with it, it does not matter if the rest of the body is holding on to dear gravity with all its might.  Finally, after making a purchase, and walking out with a very nice looking shopping bag, there we went totally exhausted back to the car.  I try to rationalize it as follows.  It is an investment in myself, right?  Have to check with the girls to see how they like feeling all alert and higher up.

I feel a bit too daring with the above paragraph, but life is short.  Perk it up!!

So…it was today…8 November, 2011…a day to become a rambunctious carnivore for the day and fight gravity in high places.

Your Happy Contessa

“Reflect that life is composed of small incidents and petty occurrences.”  Samuel Johnson, English author, biographer, essayist, editor.  18 September, 1709- 13 December, 1784.

At the speed of a snail…

Today, on my way out to drop my garbage, sometimes I do it two to three times a day.  Do not like bugs.  Oh yes, on the way to the big garbage container, I almost stepped on this snail.  Can you imagine the energy and time it took this beautiful creature to get right on my path.

Then, of course, I needed to go back to the apartment and get my camera (ccc) and take an impression of this coincidental moment.  According to the wise guys, nothing is coincidental in the universe.  So I took a few pictures, turned it a little to see if I could catch a glimpse of the little fellow inside.  No way.  It didn’t feel like entertaining visitors at that time.  Just like me, I thought.  Sometimes I love my silence and peace and quietude.

What’s the meaning behind this encounter with Mr. or Miss Snail?  Probably that I need to slow down my pace, and stop to be in the moment and be happy to be here and now.  I have been reading a book, Quantum Wellness, where the author states that being happy can only happen in the present.  So…there I go, trying to capture my happiness with my surroundings as it happens.

I think that animals, plants, snails, and other creatures never think about the next moment, tomorrow or yesterday.  That’s where we screw things up.  We love to worry, plan, be concerned about what impression we make to others and so many more hang-ups.

I need to stay in the moment, be grateful for said moment and be grateful for whatever it is that is happening as I type.  So I am!  The sun is shinning brighter today than it was yesterday, when I allowed myself to have a small pity party with moi and myself.  Not such a good idea.  Life is good!

So…it was today…7 November, 2011…a day of catching up with the friendly snails of the neighborhood.

Your Happy Contessa

“Get out of my way, that I am in a slow hurry.”  The snail to the Contessa.

“Today was the best day of my life…”

I already had something working on for today’s posting, but my good friend Lucy sent me an email that contained a story of a young man named Kevin Schombert, a senior at his high school in Frederick County, Maryland.

He was named Homecoming King.  According to some of his school mates, he has the highest school spirits, participates in sports at his school and has a great positive attitude.  He has Downs Syndrome.

He comes home every day and says “Mom, today was the best day of my life, I think today is really going to be hard to top.”

You know, sometimes in my life I am going through some days that are not that hot.  I don’t mean weather hot.  I mean emotionally challenging.  Today was one of those days.  You know, some days are hotter than others.  Do not like to minimize the days when I am not that chipper.  They are part of my life, just as are the very exciting and joyful ones.

But, my incredible Creator knows exactly what to do and when to do it.  I turned on my computer to type my posting for Monday with an idea in mind, but decided to check my emails before.  There it was.  Thank you Lucy for being the vessel that the Almighty used to make me see the extremely fortunate and blessed that I am.

Also, thanks to you, Kevin, for being my angel for today and reaching out to someone you will never meet in person, but already has influenced my life.

The picture above is a small painting my lovely daughter made over fifteen years ago when she was going through her wanting to be a painter phase.  I have always kept it inside my Bible right on the page of Isaiah 41.

So…it was today, 6 November, 2011…a day to see the rays of sunshine high above the clouds.

Your Happy Contessa

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”  Isaiah 41, 10.

The weekend…Fin de Semana…Fin de semaine…

All of us love the idea of the weekend.  We look forward to it as something that will liberate us to do what we really love and just to chill.

It is as if we take a breather from life itself.  We feel excited, relaxed and look forward to doing so many things, even though if by Sunday night, we just did nothing much.

But then, we have Friday all over again to do and plan all over again.

Weekends make all of us happy.  We are in a better disposition and feel different also.  Mood is good, and I think it is like when you let a bird out of a cage.  That’s the feeling I am trying to describe to equate it to the thought of the weekend coming up.

I am starting my weekend tomorrow.  In Florida,  Friday is the first day of all yard sales, so it is like an extra day to find some treasures.  Even though I do not have a job outside of doing what I feel like doing, Mondays through Thursday night are about the same for me as they are for you, I mean, for those of you that have to dress up and go to an office or place of work.

I am looking forward to my weekend.  No French class on Saturday.  Teacher is in New York having fun I guess.

I wish all of you a lovely, fun, happy and relaxing weekend.  See you next Monday for the grinding of whatever it is in schedule for all of us. was today…3 November, 2011…a day to think about the coming weekend.

Your Happy Contessa

“Every man must find his own philosophy…his attitude toward life.”  Lin Yutang, Chinese writer and inventor.  10 October, 1895 – 26 March, 1976.

I am here…you are still there…

Today I had to run an errand “downtown,”  so I prep very well, with my blazer, my scarf and looking real fall weather like.  The high was supposed to be mid-seventies, so I thought, this is my chance to look real cool.

Well, as soon as I opened the door, it was like “welcome to the Florida Fall.”  But I refused to take any of the pieces of my cool looking outfit off, and just suffer.  I blasted the air conditioner unit and said “let’s roll, even if it kills me, I am not caving in, it is looking cool and never let them see you sweat.”  So there I went.  Found the perfect parking spot, far away from the office where I had the appointment, so that gave me an opportunity to really show off my “perfect Florida Fall outfit.”

Then, at the office, there were guys suited up to the T, you know, playing being high rollers, knower-all-of-nothing, etc., etc.  You get my drift.  Forget about the women.  Using language that sounded complicated maybe to themselves, but sounded like a bunch of daily crapola to me.  Lawyers’ office.  Up there in the scale of stress, competition, spending all their salaries on their fancy lunches, driving leased cars they cannot afford, and watching their investments going down the street to meet the occupiers of that famous street in New York City.  The games we play.

That’s when I thought…I remember when I was there.  In that make pretend world.  I am so glad I am here at this space in my journey, just having one person to impress, and that is…Moi!  I am easy-going on myself.  Except when a scarf and a blazer are the order of the day.

Where am I supposed to go with all of this little story?  Hmmmm….this one has left me on the left field with no wisdom…oh, yes, the moral of the story is…all of us need to play the games of life sooner or later and the better we are at it, the more funny it is when we look back.  Lots of stories for your children.  Embellishments permitted.

Hmmm…not too pleased with today’s posting, but it is what it is.

So…it was today…2 November, 2011…counting down to Thanksgiving, and then…

Your Happy Contessa

“I ask not for a larger garden, but for finer seeds.”  Russell Herma Cornwell, American minister, orator, philanthropist, lawyer and writer.  15 February, 1843 – 6 December, 1925.

The list…the list…where is the list…

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with my floating list of things to do.  But this morning, I wrote down all things I would like to accomplish for November, but some of them I must do.

While the floating list was existing inside my cranium, I felt somewhat anxious, because on top of the regular stuff, the holidays are approaching at the speed of a bullet.  This is so suffocating.  So many things to do, and just thinking about going through security check at the airport makes a southern belle like me get all discombobulated.  I don’t need much happening in my life to feel that way.

I sat and wrote down all my duties for November, 2011.  For some unexplainable reason, I feel more in control.  I can add, I can cross out, edit, etc., etc.

Now all my little neurons can relax and enjoy the journey for this month.  In that way, I can save some space for the unexpected and surprising.  There’s a lot of that stuff floating around my fan.  I already posted to that.

I feel like the cowgirl ridding the burro and having somewhat control over the beast.  Productivity at 7:26 a.m. is unbearable, 100% right now.  Maybe I’ll peak at 8: a.m.

So…it was today…the first day of the eleventh month of the year 2011.   1/1/11.  How nice!

Your Happy Contessa

“Ay, Dios Mio”  Translation – Oh, My God.  Contessa’s favorite expression from the moment she gets up to the moment she goes back to bed.

Drip…drip…tick…tock…drip…drip…tick…tock….then…the spoiler…

By now you get it…raining all day.  All my ambitious plans went down the drain.  Lunch will be a lame soup made of celery, carrots, some leftover rice and leftover salmon.  Don’t know how that brew is going to taste, but today is spirits’ day.  I like to make my own holiday.  I call it the Good Spirits Day.  Do not believe in evil, so only good angels are allowed in my mind.

So…I have cereal, water, no raisins, no lettuce, and nothing else much.  But there is a lot of junk stuff in my pantry.  Just in case we have a hurricane.  In an emergency, junk is allowed.  At least that was my excuse for not throwing away the stuff.  Thanks God for my logic.

A lot of time in my hands.  Imagine.  Me being typo A, it is going to be a challenging day.  Oh, yes, the on-demand tai chi.  I can do that.  Need to.  Bones and muscles have been irritated due to my lack of walking and moving them around.  What gives!  Today we celebrate having muscles and bones.  Maybe after lunch.

Parles tu francais?  That too.  Can practice my French.  I better stop looking for things to do, or I will be too overwhelmed with the possibilities.  Keep it somewhat dull, as a French young man in Paris said to my lovely daughter and me, that he liked the gloomy days, so he can have time to get depressed and ponder about life and the universe.  We just looked at each other, and said, ooookey…

Maybe I should just enjoy the gloominess of the day and ponder on my life and the universe.  That sound very easy to do, but “know thyself.”  It won’t work with me.  Because that’s what I do every day.  Don’t need a gloomy day.

Well…my dear friends, it is going to be a long day.

So…it was today…31 October, 211…a day of pondering about the meaning of the universe and the rainy days.

Oh, oh..the sun came out…what a dilemma!  All the plans for a gloomy day need to be revised.  I am so tired…I’ll think about it tomorrow, after all, tomorrow is another day.

Your Happy Contessa

“We are all in this together, and now what?”  From Contessa’s arsenal of sayings.