Drip…drip…tick…tock…drip…drip…tick…tock….then…the spoiler…

By now you get it…raining all day.  All my ambitious plans went down the drain.  Lunch will be a lame soup made of celery, carrots, some leftover rice and leftover salmon.  Don’t know how that brew is going to taste, but today is spirits’ day.  I like to make my own holiday.  I call it the Good Spirits Day.  Do not believe in evil, so only good angels are allowed in my mind.

So…I have cereal, water, no raisins, no lettuce, and nothing else much.  But there is a lot of junk stuff in my pantry.  Just in case we have a hurricane.  In an emergency, junk is allowed.  At least that was my excuse for not throwing away the stuff.  Thanks God for my logic.

A lot of time in my hands.  Imagine.  Me being typo A, it is going to be a challenging day.  Oh, yes, the on-demand tai chi.  I can do that.  Need to.  Bones and muscles have been irritated due to my lack of walking and moving them around.  What gives!  Today we celebrate having muscles and bones.  Maybe after lunch.

Parles tu francais?  That too.  Can practice my French.  I better stop looking for things to do, or I will be too overwhelmed with the possibilities.  Keep it somewhat dull, as a French young man in Paris said to my lovely daughter and me, that he liked the gloomy days, so he can have time to get depressed and ponder about life and the universe.  We just looked at each other, and said, ooookey…

Maybe I should just enjoy the gloominess of the day and ponder on my life and the universe.  That sound very easy to do, but “know thyself.”  It won’t work with me.  Because that’s what I do every day.  Don’t need a gloomy day.

Well…my dear friends, it is going to be a long day.

So…it was today…31 October, 211…a day of pondering about the meaning of the universe and the rainy days.

Oh, oh..the sun came out…what a dilemma!  All the plans for a gloomy day need to be revised.  I am so tired…I’ll think about it tomorrow, after all, tomorrow is another day.

Your Happy Contessa

“We are all in this together, and now what?”  From Contessa’s arsenal of sayings.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

10 thoughts on “Drip…drip…tick…tock…drip…drip…tick…tock….then…the spoiler…

  1. “””Me being typo A”””

    I am a Typo B. I can make as many typos as I want and it doesn’t bother ma.

    Did you know that about 80% of the salmon sold in the US is farm raised?

    1. First you make me laugh…then typo was meant to written just like that. Type A is just too common for moi. I need a special word. 🙂
      Yes, I know about the salmon. Watch it or you may end up eating salmon from China. At the big W. “They” are killing us softly with mercury, and etc., etc.

    1. Dear Kadzi, your life is your life, you can do anything you want. You can institute your own holidays, traditions, customs, anything goes. No time for rehearsals, this is it, baby, show time all the time! I make my own version of things, invent words, create things out of nowhere. No one is stopping us. Have fun, girlfriend, life is short, live loud!!!!!!

  2. If you buy whole salmon, you can hang it upside down and all the mercury will go down to the head like in a thermometer. Just cut off the head and all the mercury is gone.

    1. First, are you serious or just bluffing? Second, I guess I could buy the whole salmon and freeze most of it, but then my budget will be busted for the rest of the month. Alaskan wild salmon is very cashin cashin.

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