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The little woman that could…and that totally refuses to get old…me

I have been making some observations around…and have come to the conclusion…I do not want to be reminded constantly of where my destination is.  I totally refuse to mentally and in my attitude to get old.

I hope my lovely daughter will watch out for me and will keep me in check whenever I start to get too comfortable with clothes that have neon signs on them that totally date me.  Even my furniture.  Some things need to be checked out of the house.  Need to make sure that my environment is a reflection of how active, challenging and risk taker my mind is.  Mind over matter.  It has worked for me so far.  Need to continue to work on this for as long as I am an inhabitant of this planet.

It can be very sad to watch some people who have reached that stage.  Then, on the other hand, remember the 90 something lady, wearing skinny jeans.  That’s what I hope for myself.  Life is like a laboratory.  Experiments are going on all the time.  We are the little rodents that others are observing and experimenting with.  I will do my best to be the coolest rodent chick around.

This is not meant to be a sad posting, au contraire, it is an alarm, that whatever your age is, need to be alert to keep your mind and body challenged to be its very best.  It is a lot of work, but then…we’re worth it.

Touching now on something extremely important.  Thousands of people are starving to death right now in Kenya.  Please check the website of Doctors without Borders.  Let’s remember the power of one.

I am wishing you a very meaningful weekend.  I will be back on Monday.

So it was today…28 July, 2011, a day of contemplation and motivation to be the best I can be.  Very cool.

Your Happy Contessa

“Your space should be a reflection of your spirit.  Make it a beautiful one.”  Me

The signs are your friends…always follow the signs…

That phrase, the signs are your friends…Ron used to use whenever we would get lost and would be trying to find our way out.

This morning in order to take a break from the world of boxes, I went shopping to get a few items that I have convinced myself will help the place look pretty.  My ego just corrected me, will make the place look prettier.  Have to honor that super ego.  It is good for you and very healthy sometimes.  As long as you keep it under control.

Among other things, I saw this print and I thought, I like it!  I will put it in the bathroom where people are really at peace and cannot do anything much, and can ponder on the phrase, courtesy of a D. Brant.

The reason why I liked the print was because it reminded me about the importance of living and staying in the moment.  Coach “K” once said in an interview that he tells his players when they are down and only a few seconds left on the clock, just that, to stay in the moment.  Don’t look back, don’t focus on forward.  Don’t I need to laser that into my disappearing neurons.  Probably you are thinking that I am bowl of contradictions.  I am already thinking about my next place, and on the other side of my mouth, I am saying “stay in the moment.”  I am a work-in-progress.  Perfection will be achieved when I convert back to invisible energy.

Today I am keeping it short to give you time to ponder on D. Brant’s phrase.

So it was today…27 July, 2011…a day of opening boxes, cooking spaghetti and looking forward to my first home-made meal.

Your Happy Contessa

“The aim, if reached or not, makes great the life.”  Robert Browning, English poet and playwright.  7 May, 1812 – 12 December, 1889.

The invasion of the energy snatchers…My stuff finally here…and now what…

The much-anticipated “stuff” made it finally all the way from North Carolina to Florida.  Now the drama of opening the boxes and trying to shove things into shelves, drawers, and wherever the mood feels like, has begun.

Frankly, the next time is going to be as Miss Lucy said.  Car keys and purse.  But knowing how we humanoids work, probably I will be dragging my “stuff'” along to the next adventure.

But wait a moment, I just got here.  My mind works like this; the moment to start thinking about your next move is right after you have moved to the new place.  In that way, you have plenty of time and choices.   Contessas’ logic.

Right now, one of my neighbors just knocked on the door.  She wanted to help, but I didn’t say anything much,  just by the way I looked, as if I had no sleep in months, and could hardly utter a word, I think she got the message.  She did not make a move to get through the door.  I looked as if my body was just hanging from a clothes hanger.  Going through the motions.

I am tired right now, but still opening boxes.  Type A syndrome.  I just took out some winter clothes, yes I know, but it gets chilly sometimes here also.  So the clothes are going back in the box and I am placing them in a corner of the already crowded closet.

Need to make the place look pleasant to myself, otherwise, I feel restless.

There you have it in a boxshell…

So it was today…26 July, 2011…another day of nice breeze in Florida and facing the invasion of the boxes.

Your Happy Contessa

“Time is the least thing we have.”  Ernest Hemingway, an American author and journalist.  21 July, 1899 – 2 July, 1961.

My “stuff” is finally arriving!!!!!…

Now you see this…my very comfortable bed for the last week +, and my two night tables (two suitcases)…and hopefully after tomorrow all of this very minimalist look will fade into the sunset, very hot one I may add.

Left is my temporary entertainment center, where I have learned to convert people from being short and heavy to people being tall and part of the head missing.  No one is perfect.  So it is.  Right is where my magic happens and I communicate with you and the world.  Not that bad.  It works…but no, tomorrow the invasion of stuff is coming into my humble Florida condo and is going to take over, and maybe I will feel a bit suffocated after all this simple way of life.  But I miss my stuff.  I wanted to share with you the transformation that will be happening.  From 1,500 sq. ft. to 871 sq. ft.  Love it!  Probably all of it will look short and heavy.  Contagious it may be.  But I am sure I will know how to handle all of this.  Besides, my back will be very appreciative of a table and chair for me to type, and not from sitting on the carpet.  Right now is a killer.

A real delicacy...for me

This was my dinner today, Monday.  Chicken breast and fried ripe plantains.  I couldn’t believe it when I saw them at the deli counter of my now favorite supermarket.  I could have these plantains daily, twice a day if possible.  I am getting closer and closer to all that Caribbean food I so love, but that will make me look like the people on my tv.  Have to watch it.

Well, my friends, so it was today…25 July, 2011…a day getting closer to be inundated with “my stuff.”

Your Happy Contessa

“Paradise is where I am.”  Voltaire, French Enlightenment writer, historian and philosopher.  21 November, 1694 – 30 May, 1778.

Plan “B”…first entertaining in my new digs…still liking it very much…

Plan "B"

Not that bad…after all.  Remember that the first intended set up was sold before I had a chance to go back and claim it.  So I had to come up with Plan B.  Believe it or not, I like the alternative better.  I love this room!!  I can see into the gardens, it is so bright and I am all about sun light.

I already did my first entertaining…a lunch date with a very dear friend and her husband.  See my humble table setting below…Martha, eat your heart out!

This was made possible with some curtains I brought down with me in case I needed to cover some windows, and the yellow tablecloth I used to wrap a painting I brought down with me also.  Very resourceful I am…I must say.

I am so touched by all my friends that already have me feel very welcomed.  Thanks to all of you, the ones that I have already seen and the ones that are on my ever-growing list to visit with.  This “welcome basket” is full of goodies, one of them almonds covered with chocolate!

Let me give you an incredible scoop.  One of the ladies that I have met is a 90 year-old sweet and hip lady.  When I met her, she was wearing skinny jeans!!!!!!!  I have met my match!  Someone to look up to if I make it that far ahead.  When I told her that she was sooo cool, she said that what did I mean by that.  I have to bring up to date her lingo.  I told her that she was with it.  Finally, after explaining, she got it.  I take so many things for granted.  Have to start a mini-dictionary to make myself understood with some of my neighbors.  I like all that I have met so far.  No gray-haired guy yet.  Thanks God!

So I adjusted the settings on the 32″ tv.  Well…now half of the head of the people is chopped off and the bottom information is missing.  Their bodies look ok now, but there is no perfection in life.  Do you think a 37″ will do the trick?

So it was today…24 July, 2011…a day of receiving my first newspaper delivered to my door and trying to organize things I need to do…change of address, etc., etc.

Oh, oh, there comes the train…there comes the train…one of them.  Can’t wait for the others to come through later.  C’est la vie!!

Your Happy Contessa

“I feel good, ta ra ra good, so good, that I just do.”  From the Happy Contessa way of life.

Florida…my new home…vacation…and my most demanding fan…

Well…Miss Lucy, one of my most devoted fans, snapped me out of the sultry, hot, humid vacation I was having and demanded to know what’s going on with the Contessa.  I don’t know if I can cope with the price of being so popular with the five or so readers I have.  Well, in honesty, I have a little more people interested in my babbling.

So last Friday I left North Carolina in the morning and around 4 pm arrived in Richmond Hill, Georgia with my car fully loaded.  You cannot imagine the things I put in the garbage at the last moment, because there was no one around to give it to and no space in the work horse (my car).  But the less I have the lighter I travel.  Once at the hotel, had a chance to catch up with my soaps (no tele for 2 days, or was it one?), my brain is having some sort of foggy weather up there.  It is so hot and humid, but that’s what I wanted, right?  I am taking naps at 4 pm.  I really don’t care if I don’t sleep later, I am just so drained of all these events, emotions and etc., etc.

I left Richmond Hill on Saturday around 7:30 am and was in Florida around 11:30 am.  A bit of my driving experience.  I don’t know how many times I listened to my favorite cd.  I figured that it took around one hour to listen to the whole cd, so the more I listened to the cd, the closer I was getting to my destination.  Cheap logic, but it worked for me.  I still love all the songs.  That’s why they are my favorites.  Plus a friend gave me another cd for variety.  Nice!  And a bar of Godiva 72% chocolate.  How did she know.  Thanks.

Welcome Wagon waiting for me at my door...

My gardens...

I don’t have my furniture yet.  I even don’t call the company that has my furniture any more to find out when I am getting my stuff.  I refuse to listen to their rationalization of why I was not told from the beginning that it was going to take this long.   Up the creek with no paddle.  Sometimes it is better to just keep on sleeping on an air mattress than to talk with “It is not our fault” people.  The other night I almost fell off my bed.  Not a big distance between the bed and floor.  Man, and there are about five trains that parade through the tracks every night.  But…I wanted to live here.  I am not complaining.  I love my new town.  Really.  I live right now in a 55+ community.  Lots of nice people.  Beautiful gardens.  Have to be very quiet as night approaches.  But I wanted  live here.  Did I already say that?  Flushing toilets very late at night, not such a good thing.  But I wanted to live here.  Oh…the fringe benefits of living in a 55+ community.  More on that as I continue my experience with these wonderful people.

I have a sun room that looks into the gardens.  How lovely.  Went to buy furniture, but when I went to get what I had envisioned, it was gone.  Plan B.  Pier 1.  Pictures later when the room is finished.  You should see me dragging the stuff, because it is just me against pounds and pounds of stuff to get in the condo.  I just asked the Lord to give me some guidance as to how to get the stuff inside.  Dragging it is!  Also, I watch when the clouds are covering the sunny sun to go out and take my stuff out of the car.  The games I play.

I have done my duty for today…Oh, before I forget, just bought a 32″ tv.  Everybody look short and heavy.  My soaps are not as fun to watch any more.  Even my good-looking guy does not look so hot now.  What is one to do?

So it was today…21 July, 2011…another day of being waken up by the sonic boom of Atlantis.  Good to have them home.  Thanks for the great ride the shuttle program has given all of us.  Last sonic boom of this era.  Glad I was here to experience it.

Until next Monday it is…Have a cooler weekend than probably I will be having.  But I wanted to be here…

Your Happy Contessa

“Arguing with reality is a losing battle.”  Me

I’m so glad we had this time together…

Summer treat...

I’m so glad we had this time together…Just to have a laugh and share a write-up…Seems we just started…And before you know it…Comes the time to say “So long.”  Most of these words are from the song Carol Burnett used to sing at the end of her show every week.

The time has come for me to take a break and blast off in my quest for happiness, new adventures, new experiences, to find out what life has in storage for me, but most important…to take a moment and express my gratitude for all of you that have motivated me every week to find something to write about.  And thank you for giving me the opportunity to connect with each one of you.  That’s what life is all about, connecting with each other, learning, sharing, loving, releasing and as for me and my blog, I am grateful for you.

I will be back as soon as moving, getting settled and all else allows me.  I am already feeling sad.  I am sometimes a very emotional person.  And that’s a good thing.

Beautiful sight...Altantis' launch last Friday...Godspeed to Atlantis and its crew...

On that note…I shall return, hopefully soon.  In the meantime, European vacation for everyone!  Translation, a long well deserved vacation.


Your Happy Contessa

“The beauty of connecting with each other is the world of opportunities we have to be amazed at the miracle of being human.”  Me