The little woman that could…and that totally refuses to get old…me

I have been making some observations around…and have come to the conclusion…I do not want to be reminded constantly of where my destination is.  I totally refuse to mentally and in my attitude to get old.

I hope my lovely daughter will watch out for me and will keep me in check whenever I start to get too comfortable with clothes that have neon signs on them that totally date me.  Even my furniture.  Some things need to be checked out of the house.  Need to make sure that my environment is a reflection of how active, challenging and risk taker my mind is.  Mind over matter.  It has worked for me so far.  Need to continue to work on this for as long as I am an inhabitant of this planet.

It can be very sad to watch some people who have reached that stage.  Then, on the other hand, remember the 90 something lady, wearing skinny jeans.  That’s what I hope for myself.  Life is like a laboratory.  Experiments are going on all the time.  We are the little rodents that others are observing and experimenting with.  I will do my best to be the coolest rodent chick around.

This is not meant to be a sad posting, au contraire, it is an alarm, that whatever your age is, need to be alert to keep your mind and body challenged to be its very best.  It is a lot of work, but then…we’re worth it.

Touching now on something extremely important.  Thousands of people are starving to death right now in Kenya.  Please check the website of Doctors without Borders.  Let’s remember the power of one.

I am wishing you a very meaningful weekend.  I will be back on Monday.

So it was today…28 July, 2011, a day of contemplation and motivation to be the best I can be.  Very cool.

Your Happy Contessa

“Your space should be a reflection of your spirit.  Make it a beautiful one.”  Me

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

8 thoughts on “The little woman that could…and that totally refuses to get old…me

  1. Everyone should have this attitude about the chronological aging process (and I’ve seen what happens to the ones who don’t). Keeping both the mind and body fit is the way to live longer and better.

  2. It was so good running in to you the other day!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes! Was that weird or what? I would love to get together with you for lunch when the boys are back in school. See you soon – good luck with your new home – let me know if you need any “interior design” help! haha

    1. Yes, Miss Mary, I could use some hints on my new small space. It was incredible the way we ran into each other. The universe is conspiring. I feel right at home and it was so good to see my friend from the good days when we used to have shops in Mt. Dora. We’ll be in touch. Your boys are so adorable, just like the pictures. Hope to see you soon! Thanks for reading.

  3. This picture of you looks great, and you always do. But I just noticed, those blue hydrangeas on your table. Would I know your source? Hope all is going as you wish.

    1. You are right! Those came from your garden. I took this picture last May or June, don’t remember. All is going very well. I am having company starting tomorrow. My lovely daughter is honoring me with her presence. Wishing you well also. Thanks for reading.

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