My pick-me-up-machine and precious moments of pondering about…

This is my most faithful morning companion.  I was having healthy-good-for-you-tea, but on my latest visit to my mother, I got hooked on coffee again.  This is like the one sinful pleasure that I must have after my walk and a glass of water.  I taste every drop that goes into my mouth. I alsoContinue reading “My pick-me-up-machine and precious moments of pondering about…”

“Lovely and sexy pedicure…”

Walking towards the doors of my favorite supermarket, I saw a puppy and was trying very hard to establish eye contact with the pretty little dog.  As I am getting closer to the puppy, I hear in a baritone voice…”lovely and sexy pedicure.”  I looked around to see if the puppy had a pedicure, nope, itContinue reading ““Lovely and sexy pedicure…””