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My pick-me-up-machine and precious moments of pondering about…

DSCN0047This is my most faithful morning companion.  I was having healthy-good-for-you-tea, but on my latest visit to my mother, I got hooked on coffee again.  This is like the one sinful pleasure that I must have after my walk and a glass of water.  I taste every drop that goes into my mouth.

I also use these moments to ponder about the day, my particular personal philosophies, about noticing the new wrinkle on my face or elsewhere (yeah, they show up in places you will never imagine).  Enough of that.

Sometimes when I am almost finished with my espresso sinful potion, my heart wants to skip a beat here and there, but I think…what the heck, from something I have to die, so what better moment than this one.  I am sure my sweet heart (yes, it is a very sweet and lovely heart I have), enjoys this joyful ritual every morning.  Did I say I put a tiny amount of the other deadly sin, sugar.  White, yes, I like to live dangerously and push the envelope to the max.  What else is life for?

Rest of the ritual is really so so; oatmeal with an apple in it and whole milk.  Yep, living on the edge.  Absolutely, more white sugar.

Now you know a side of me that you were trying very hard to figure out.  My secrets and me.

Have an eventful day!



“Lovely and sexy pedicure…”


Walking towards the doors of my favorite supermarket, I saw a puppy and was trying very hard to establish eye contact with the pretty little dog.  As I am getting closer to the puppy, I hear in a baritone voice…”lovely and sexy pedicure.”  I looked around to see if the puppy had a pedicure, nope, it wasn’t she or he, and only the owner of the dog and me were standing around.  Then as I am looking at this muscular guy, he said again…lovely and sexy pedicure.  WHAT!!!!

I had one of my electric green flip-flops and some basic nail polish I had slapped on my toe nails before I went out.  As a matter of fact, they were not 100% dried.  So this muscular guy (not my type) caught me by so much surprise that I forgot what languages I was able to speak.  I just kept walking with my mouth open and looking at my feet, that I almost made a grand entrance by falling over my face at the door.  Was it the mini-skirt, the heat or that this guy had not seen anything decent that morning, before he saw me and my toe nails?

Oh, yes, my type, just in case…preppy looking and no big belly whatsoever.  God, please be gentle with me.  Now back to the story…

I am freaking out…now I am paranoid about all parts of my body…they have to look really good because I’ll never know what part of my anatomy someone is going to be looking at next.  I need a magnifying glass to check myself out before I hit the streets.  Stress on top of more stress.

Life is never boring on this side of the peninsula.