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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!


From the sunny, kind of warm State of Florida, I want to wish you my friends from all over the world, a very Merry Christmas, or a very Happy Your Holiday, and a peaceful, joyful New Year.  For the citizens in my age bracket…let’s add a year full of good health and no visits to any doctors whatsoever.

This orange tree is one of many in “my gardens.”  Oranges are somehow related to Christmas, because they used to be a favorite to receive when you were a child.

So…I will be away for a little while…going to visit my lovely, gorgeous daughter, her fiance and my grand-doggie, Baxter Brown.  Most adorable puppy ever.  Let’s see how we get along.  I am hoping for a love fest between that puppy and me.  Miracles do happen.

Well…so long, and I never get tired of thanking all of you for being curious about my life and my do-abouts.

Love is in the air…Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!!!!

Your Happy Contessa

Meaning of Christmas…for you…


I am feeling so happy right now…just thinking about the real meaning of Christmas…being with my loved ones and feeling oh, so grateful, for my family and friends.

The above photo is from my local library and it evoked in me a feeling of being grateful for being part of an international community where we celebrate each and all of us.

Frankly, sometimes I equate Christmas with spending money and stress, but if I put that thought aside, and think about enjoying my coffee, my breakfast, my moments with my friends and family, then the paradigm changes instantly.

It feels great to be alive, to be looking forward to visiting with my family, and to just being…happy.

Your Happy Contessa

Christmas Card favorite…

DSCN5129This card is one of my favorites.  I received it from my very dear friend, Millie, from St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands.  The artist is Anne Miller.

Why?  Maybe because it reminds me of the years that I lived in St. Croix and the simplicity of life it portrays.  Children seem to be happy with so little.  And also to me it reflects the real reason behind the holidays.  It is all about the relationships among ourselves and the joy of visiting with each other, either via email, mail, telephone…and now…Facebook.   It is all about all of us and how we interact with each other.  The stuff…is just that…stuff.

I love the little house and the joy on people’s faces.

Another magical moment towards the countdown for Christmas…at least for me.

Your Happy Contessa

Oh Christmas tree…Oh Christmas tree…

Welcome to my sun room!  This is my humble Christmas tree I enjoy while I am sitting there either meditating, reading or just sun bathing with the 1/1000 of an inch of sun light that comes into this room.  Life is not perfect, neither is that little ball/ornament hanging there too low.  Don’t have photoshop.  So low it stays.

By now, I am sure a lot of you already mailed all your Christmas or Holiday cards, completed all your shopping, there is nothing left on your “To Do List” and you are just waiting for December 25th to roll around.

Well…about me…my back is really killing me from so much decorating.  My hair looks like it has not seen a comb in the past few days…and yes, I did change from walking sweats to house sweats.   That’s about it.  I have one large box with all my Christmas decorations and even taking them one by one was a chore today.  But mission accomplished…a few red bows to place around and even my bathroom is all decked for the holidays.  Me?  I am just breathing.  Tomorrow will be another day.

And here’s another corner of my small kingdom..

Love my nutcrackers…they have so much personality.

I’ll save my front door for another day…until then…I am falling asleep and it is only 7:35 pm, EST.

Your Happy Contessa

“It is that wonderful time of the year…ding dong…ding dong…”