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Yup…I ate it all…then… Americans go shopping…

Yes, indeed, yesterday, Thanksgiving Day in the United States, we ate as if almost there is not going to be any more food for the rest of the year.  And, yes, I ate it all.  No dessert, though.  My gracious hostess offered some pie, but I said no.  Where was my brain when I said no.  Later I regretted that, because once the damage/pleasure of eating that delicious meal, what gives.  A few thousand calories more or less is not going to hurt anyone.  So dessert will have to wait for after Christmas dinner.  Not too many days to go.

I spent Thanksgiving Day with my lovely family, and boy, did they have a full spread.  The very traditional Thanksgiving Day meal.  Everything and anything.  Lovely time.  I even discussed some hair spray issues with my grandchildren and one of their cousins.  Who knew!  They recommended to me which ones to avoid and which ones to use if I wanted extra hold.  I should have asked them for shampoo issues.  Next time.

No, I did not go shopping at Midnight.  No way!  I waited until after my morning walk, got my car keys and there I went.  I looked as if I had just rolled out of bed and went out.  I could tell by the looks I was getting.  No makeup, a baseball cap to cover that I had not yet combed my hair, and my sunglasses.  Who cares!  Some stores were 50% off, the whole store!  What’s going on?  Either “they” are sticking it to us for the rest of the year, or things are questionable.  I was not in a mood to ask them.

Got a nice little coat and some apples.  No, apples were at their regular price.  But I needed fiber in my daily diet.  No…I am a very regular girl.  Thank you very much.

Well…there you have it…another Thanksgiving Day down the pipes…now looking forward to shopping for…Christmas.  Do you think I may find some stores at 75% off, or maybe, if I am lucky, they’ll give it to me for free.  This is America, anything goes.

Your Happy Contessa

“Love is a wonderful thing.”  Moi and some other people.

Thankfully Thankful…

There is always something in my life to be grateful for.  I am grateful for all of you from all over the world that stop and take precious time out of your day to read what is going on in my life and in my mind at any particular moment.

I am grateful that I have my good health, my mind, my heart, and that all of me is functioning properly as I type.  What happens tomorrow, stays with tomorrow.  Right now I am all feeling grateful for a gazillion number of things.

I realized some time ago, that most of the “stuff” that surrounds me is just that, stuff.  The most important things in my life that bring me moments of awe are things I cannot buy or that belong to me.  A beautiful sunset, the purity and innocence of a baby, breathtaking nature and mostly important, my friends that accept me and understand me as I am.  Probably our spirits are in constant communication with each other.  Spirits are an extension of the goodness of God in each one of us.

I am grateful that I live in this country, the United States of America, and that there is a day that we celebrate our gratitude to the Almighty.

My best wishes for a very peaceful, safe and Happy Thanksgiving Day.

My love always to all of you,

Your Happy Contessa

Political storm is over…now let’s go back and enjoy the real things…

Breathtaking…isn’t it?  Life is all good, we are going back to being nice to each other and still…God is in control.

Let’s shake all of that stuff off that made some of us obnoxious, and let’s go back to being our “normal” self.  After all, friends are supposed to be unconditional.  Friend is not a title I give to just anyone.  That title has to be earned, proven worthy and tested throughout the seasons of life.

“That’s very well said, and may all be true,” said Candide, “but let’s cultivate our garden.”  From Voltaire’s Candide.

Your Happy Contessa

My Vote…My Voice…

For my compatriots, all of you are already aware we are having a Presidential Election next Tuesday, November 6th.

Today,  I decided to take the opportunity to go and vote early.  I waited for 40 minutes in line under magnificent blue skies and a very nice cool weather.  It is not too often you have an opportunity to wear a coat in Florida.  I had decided that even if it took me all day, I was going to have my voice heard.

As most of you know, I was born and raised under a dictatorship in the Dominican Republic.  I do not take the privilege of voting lightly.  Most of the people in the United States do not know  what it is to live without any kind of freedom.  I do know, that’s why I was so excited to get my sticker to wear on my lapel stating that “I voted.”  I always do, it is like a badge of honor that reminds me that I do matter in the bigger scheme of things.

People that preceded me went to war, died, lost families, properties and so many other things, so I could today have the power to have my say in this important event in our country.

God bless the United States of America!

Please do remember those that have been affected by Hurricane Sandy.  American Red Cross and others have always been available to lend a hand.  Please do support these institutions today.

Your Happy Contessa

“The future of this republic is in the hands of the American voter.”  Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th American President, from 1953 until 1961.  14 October, 1890 – 28 March, 1969.