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Let it snow…let it rain…let it get cold…


Wow!  My lovely daughter called me earlier this afternoon to tell me that it was snowing in the Washington, D.C., and the Northern Virginia area.

Here in Central Florida, the temperature dropped early this afternoon little by little, and right now is probably low 70’s.  Yes, I know…I have it really good.  It depends, though…don’t ask me about my hair on humid, horribly humid days.  My hair and I have serious issues on behavioral inclinations.  It thinks it is supposed to be wild, unruly and all split ends showing at all times, and that’s when we differ.

Yes…I know, let’s go back to the weather’s conduct.  What’s going on?  We have really annoyed the heck out of Mama Nature.  And at the end, she rules!

There goes the train of 8:30 p.m.  Oh, yes, the weather and my hair.  This is so so lame, I cannot even take it myself.

The muses came by just a few minutes ago, and I thought I really had a good chance to sit down and type something meaningful about the weather, but the muses just waltzed in and waltzed out of my brain in one Florida second.  They, the Florida seconds, are really like lightning fast.

So now I am left with half of the story told.  You have to come up with the rest of the story by yourselves, because I am totally lost.  If you were one of the precious creatures that got some snow, go tell yourselves a little story and make yourselves happy.  If you are one the lovely creatures that is only getting rain, go ahead and make yourself happy thinking that Noah’s time is really gone so there’s no fear of another deluge.

I am in serious trouble.  Duke FB lost today.  At least it was to a friendly team.  Is there such a thing as a friendly opposing team?  I’d like to think so, right Lucy?  You have the winning smile, I have the sore loser grin.  All in good taste, though.  Even to be a loser, you must have class.  There’s an abundance of that somewhere in this condo.

So…it was today, October 29, 2011…Saturday night and a lot of books to read and magazines to look at.

Your Happy Contessa

“Dashing through the snow….”  What?  too early?

My favorite space…in my home…

Each one of us has a favorite space in our home.  For some people, it is their bed, their sun room, their studio, their living room and so on.  Even for some of us, their nice and cozy bathroom.

As for me, this is my favorite space.  It is an old chair, probably twenty-five years old and it is the space I use to read my newspaper, because now it is darker early in the morning and the visitors I had, ie., froggies, forced me to find a new space other than my sunroom.

I love the texture of the fabric of the chair, how comfortable it is, especially for my back, and the lamp just gives me the right amount of light that I need.  Also, it makes me be at ease with everything.  It is also my pondering place where I go through my list of gratitude for the day.

In the evening, after I get ready to go to bed, I make my linden tea, get comfortable again and read something that will make me sleepy.  Such as a book about becoming a vegan, and why it is good for you.  Don’t know why, but that does the trick.  I get all sleepy and so relaxed that all I have to do is turn off the light and go to bed two steps away.

I need to reupholster this chair with fabric that will blend with the rest of the decor.  I have been planning on doing this for the past five years.  I guess I have all the time in the world.  Also, this space is maturing as I go along.  Some fresh flowers, and a small table will make it more utilitarian for my needs of wanting to have other things around.  Some place for my cup of tea and paper and pencil, just in case my former muses decide to pay a visit.  Ha!

I am sure you do have a space like this one in your own home.  It is my throne in my castle.  Sorry toilet, you are not.

So…it was today…27 October, 2011…a day of feeling good about my favorite space.

Make it a good and happy weekend.  See you next Monday!

Your Happy Contessa

“Our concern be peace of mind…keep unlovely things afar.”  Theocritus, Greek poet, flourished in 3rd Century BC.

The stuff…and the fan…

Recently the stuff around my only fan is hitting it at incredible speed.  I am keeping calm, serene, and positive.

When I get up in the morning, I am already ducking and walking on four instead of two, so the stuff constantly hitting the fan, with no break whatsoever, just does not hit me so early, before I have my coffee.

Thanks God for the lovely and fun weekend.  I am even keeping far away from the phone, so the stuff does not try to make an entrance through the airwaves.  Stuff is really getting sophisticated.  The better the technology, the faster the crapola reaches us.

What can I do to make the stuff just reach a level of non-threatening alarm stage?  Turn off the fan, sorry…that is just not possible.  That fan has  life of its own.  It does not respond to any command.  And what about the stuff?  I am here very tranquil, not moving too much inside my condo, as not to generate new stuff.  But…it keeps on reaching the fan level and Bam!  Need to duck on a constant basis.

Probably you are wondering what’s going on.  With me, nada, it is with the others.  I am taking a leave from going out or answering the phone, until things go back to normal stuff and the fan being somewhat happy.

So…it was today…26 October, 2011…a day of evading the stuff coming out from the fan.

Your Happy Contessa

“When it is not one things, it is another.”  Contessa

The lemon, el limon, le citron…

Today is a big day for me…I am putting myself through a big test…cannot think of anything to write about…have written about my laundry, my meals, my birthday, my recycling bin, my hair, my lovely daughter, my friends, my karma, my moods, my toilets, wow!  Is there anything left to talk about?

Well, the universe is always providing.  Look around and there is always something to talk about.  Let’s see…after watching the world’s headlines news, I decided to write about a lemon.

This real lemon was in a little basket right around where I pick up my mail.  A nice person had picked some lemons from a tree around our gardens and put them there for the taking.  I think I am using it on my salad.  What kind of lemon do you think is going to be?  A good lemon, a bad lemon…one thing for sure, it is a real lemon.  I have a lot of pretend fruits and veggies throughout the condo, but real are the bananas, lettuce, carrots, onions, sweet potatoes, and only God knows where these arrived from.  Most of them are in the fridge, but my only and unique lemon came from right around the building.

Yes!!!! something from Florida…well, now that I think about it, I had an avocado recently and it was from Florida, USA.  Buy local…if you can.

I also  had a very nice surprise today while shopping at the big W box, there was an ornament that I liked, and when I turned the packaging around, guess what!  Made in USA.  I was so happy I almost kissed the employee in that department.

So going back to the lemon, I guess I am delighted in having such a down home fruit.  It is going to be useful, Vitamin C, and it will make my salad taste good.

I have passed the test!  Three hundred fifty-five words.  I do not know how you feel about this posting, but silence is golden.  Keep that in mind.  You can opine if you feel like it,  that will be lovely also.

So…it was today…25 October, 2011…a day that went to the lemon.

Your Happy Contessa

“Check those labels, made in the USA is good for all of us.”  Contessa

New to me…a very ecletic neighborhood within my neighborhood…

And here it is…a new love in my life.  The molecular dog.  I think it is so cute!

My lovely daughter and I were visiting this other side of town, new to me, and found a full array of very interesting shops, restaurants, a lovely park and a community center.  Went into the restaurant, which we figure is the meeting place for the real locals, had a delicious lunch.  The other side of town is really for the tourists,  which we shall call the main drag, and for me and other locals when we want to play tourists.

After our lunch, we walked around the area, and visited a shop, and got two foo dogs.  Foo dogs are ancient sacred dogs of Asia who guard Buddhist Temples.  They protect you against bad energy.  Need all the dogs we can get.  Then, continued with our curiosity for this area and went into the park.  There was a sculpture that from far away looked like the infamous mouse.  Then started to look like a doggie, and by the time I took a few pictures, we found a description of what this sculpture really is.  It is a molecular dog!

Click on it to make it larger and see the actual description of the sculpture.  In case you don’t feel like clicking, here’s the information.  It is a molecule of propane!  Propane is a three-carbon molecule that is commonly known as liquified petroleum gas.

We had a wonderful afternoon and learned some chemistry and how beautiful it can be.

So…it was today…24 October…a day to remember a wonderful last Saturday, October 22nd.

Your Happy Contessa

“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.”  Sigmund Freud, Austrian neurologist who founded the discipline of psychoanalysis.  6 May, 1856 – 23 September, 1939.

All that starts well…ends very well…now it is the 63+ adventure…

All that starts, has to come to an end.  The era of my 63rd birthday celebration has come to a complete halt.  Screeching halt.

Now it is the 63+ period.  Does it feel any different?  Right now, after the “not allowed” glass of wine and a good turkey sandwich, yes, the vegan discipline took a big break this weekend, I really do not feel any different from last Thursday.  Tomorrow is back to the school and discipline of just grazing on veggies and stuff such as tofu.  Need to get a firmer one, tofu I mean, the one I had last Thursday night was very soft and not so appealing.  Live and learn.

The neurons are tired and very relaxed after wine and great conversation.  Had a memorable birthday weekend.  The lovely daughter is on her way back to the big North where the chills of cold weather are in full swing.  Fine down here, thank you very much.

Today, short in words, but hoping tomorrow will be back to normal.

So…it was today…23 October, 2011…a short day of typing and thinking.  Very much on the happy and content side.

Your Happy Contessa

“Thank you for the meaningful and beautiful memories.”  Happy Contessa to the lovely daughter.

My big deal…today is my 63rd birthday…and counting…

I make a big deal out of being able to say “I am sixty-three years old.”  That’s six decades plus three years.  A humongous accomplishment!

I feel such a fortunate woman.  I have always been surrounded by beautiful and wonderful people.  Have been in love a few times, always had a ball in the place where I was residing at the moment…I remember particularly St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Island.  What an exciting, incredibly fun and some heart breaks.  But all in all, whenever I look back, I can say I did it my way and with His blessings, everything turned out just right.

I learned my lessons, I am still looking forward to learning and experience very much.  It is a process full of promises and surprises.

But one very important thing I must recognize, when the going gets tough, show your class and do it with style.  Nothing beats going through hard times, than doing it in a classy way and with much style.  Even if the mascara is pouring down your face.  Nowadays, they sell that stuff that is water proof.  That’s exactly why I don’t use it any more.  To remove the holy thing, you almost have to remove the entire eye.  No mascara for me!

Well, my darling daughter is arriving in a few moments, so I have to get ready and look my best 63rd time around.

So…it is today…21 October, 2011…my 63rd Birthday.

Happy Birthday to me, to me and to me!  Oh, yes, I will be back on Monday!

Your Happy Contessa

“To be content and grateful regardless of our daily dose of crapola, is the best kept secret to succeed in living… and life is short, make it loud!”

Surprise!!!!!!!! Let the festivities for the 63rd begin…

I was making plans for a lunch birthday celebration on the 21st.  I will reach the tender age of six decades plus three monsoons.

Had settled for a nice Caribbean lunch with a very dear friend.  Just now, checking my emails, I received one from my lovely daughter and the subject was “Happy Birthday.”  I thought, probably she has the date mixed up, so I proceeded to open the ecard.  Very, very nice, and then the first line was SURPRISE!  I will be singing the birthday song in person.  I am arriving in Orlando on your birthday.  I read it twice to get it.  I started laughing and laughing and more laughing.  I thought, Oh, my God, she is coming to be with me on my birthday!  Have to clean the one and only toilet, wash sheets, and get everything ready for my little sunshine.  I love her so.

I couldn’t have asked for anything better.  My dearest friend is letting me enjoy the time with my lovely daughter and we will celebrate next week.  I am so blessed.  The festivities have already started!

Wanted to share with all of you my happiness and being grateful for still being around and among delightful people.

So…it was today…19 October, 2011…a day of a happy surprise.

Your Happy Contessa

“Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me”….rehearsing before I eat some cake too.

Weather…cannot complain…

One of the reasons why I moved South was due to the cold weather.  Look at this week’s weather for my area.

Some 90% possibility of rain for today, but as of 4:25 p.m., only a lick of water.  Probably the areas where water is not needed, they are getting it all.

Good, or may I say, excellent weather to catch up with reading, studying French.  Have been watching a dvd in French, and all I hear is just noise.  Recognize a word or two and I imagine the rest because of the story and what they are doing.  But, that’s how I learned English.  Watching the Ed Sullivan Show and when all of them were laughing, I laughed because I did not have the faintest idea of what was being said.  My mother used to chase me to go to bed.  She used to say that if I didn’t understand anything, why I was wasting my time.  Little did she know.  English has been my greatest tool for survival in life.

Let’s go back to the weather…that’s what this posting is supposed to be about.  Today the air conditioner unit was not working, according to a recording I found on my phone.  Went out to catch up with laundry too.  Remember the want-to-be sauna dryer?  Yep, it swallowed four quarters from my pocket and started perspiring like crazy.  Nothing else.  Had to take out all the clothes and visited the second floor to get my clothes dried. Ah, the air conditioner unit…it will be put to the test next time we get a heat wave.

Oh yes, the weather…well,  it looks somewhat decent on the forecast.  Some people cancel appointments due to rain, so…I’ll leave it at that.  I am not making fun of anything or anyone anymore.  I remember the snow days up there in beautiful North Carolina and Virginia.  Give me some rain anytime.  No froggies apply.

So I am venturing out tomorrow, only 30% possibility of rain.   Even if it was 100%, I am going out.  Two days in a row in this condo is making me antsy.  Besides, no bananas, carrots, salmon, or ripe plantains.  Cereal last day is tomorrow.  Out I am going!

So…it was today…18 October, 2011…a day looking gloomy, but good to catch up in whatever.

Your Happy Contessa

“I am still learning.”  Michelangelo, Italian Renaissance painter, sculptor, poet, architect and engineer.  6 March, 1475 – 18 February, 1564.

Our beautiful support system…

Some of my friends are going through rough times at this moment.  It seems that whenever I talk with whomever, there is always a challenge they are meeting.  Sometimes the challenge is mine to face.

That’s pretty “fuerte” (strong).  I have to admit that most of the time my beautiful circle of friends and I have to face the reality of this stage of our lives.  It comes with the territory.  If it not one thing, it is the other.  But only when you are faced with strong situations, that’s when you find out what a tough cookie we are.  I am surrounded by a strong support system.  There’s nothing we cannot handle together.  We make beautiful symphony, even out of somewhat discordant notes that show up into our lives sometimes on a daily basis.

I want to let all my friends and family on this majestic circle that we are all a part of this together, that I am so grateful to be a link of this forever strong chain, and that I know how special we are to each other.  We matter beyond words to each other and know we will always be there for each other.

We are into this together.  What touches you, it touches me.  I wouldn’t want it any other way.

We know we can handle anything that will come our way, and with His wisdom, strength, and peace we can face whatever is out there floating around.

Thank you each one of you for being my friend and part of the tapestry of my life.  I wish each one of you utmost peace and wisdom.

So…it was today…17 October, 2011, a day of being grateful for having my special family and friends in my life.

Your Happy Contessa

“When it happens to you, it is already happening to me.”