My favorite space…in my home…

Each one of us has a favorite space in our home.  For some people, it is their bed, their sun room, their studio, their living room and so on.  Even for some of us, their nice and cozy bathroom.

As for me, this is my favorite space.  It is an old chair, probably twenty-five years old and it is the space I use to read my newspaper, because now it is darker early in the morning and the visitors I had, ie., froggies, forced me to find a new space other than my sunroom.

I love the texture of the fabric of the chair, how comfortable it is, especially for my back, and the lamp just gives me the right amount of light that I need.  Also, it makes me be at ease with everything.  It is also my pondering place where I go through my list of gratitude for the day.

In the evening, after I get ready to go to bed, I make my linden tea, get comfortable again and read something that will make me sleepy.  Such as a book about becoming a vegan, and why it is good for you.  Don’t know why, but that does the trick.  I get all sleepy and so relaxed that all I have to do is turn off the light and go to bed two steps away.

I need to reupholster this chair with fabric that will blend with the rest of the decor.  I have been planning on doing this for the past five years.  I guess I have all the time in the world.  Also, this space is maturing as I go along.  Some fresh flowers, and a small table will make it more utilitarian for my needs of wanting to have other things around.  Some place for my cup of tea and paper and pencil, just in case my former muses decide to pay a visit.  Ha!

I am sure you do have a space like this one in your own home.  It is my throne in my castle.  Sorry toilet, you are not.

So…it was today…27 October, 2011…a day of feeling good about my favorite space.

Make it a good and happy weekend.  See you next Monday!

Your Happy Contessa

“Our concern be peace of mind…keep unlovely things afar.”  Theocritus, Greek poet, flourished in 3rd Century BC.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

7 thoughts on “My favorite space…in my home…

  1. Snuggle in, cover up – read and relax. The world will always be there but a few quiet moments are all we occasionally need to refresh our souls.
    You can come visit my sun room anytime.

    1. I can’t wait to see your cozy sun room, after the change in decor. I heard it is pretty chilly up there. I am sure now it is just perfect to be in that room with a little help from a portable heater.

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