Let it snow…let it rain…let it get cold…


Wow!  My lovely daughter called me earlier this afternoon to tell me that it was snowing in the Washington, D.C., and the Northern Virginia area.

Here in Central Florida, the temperature dropped early this afternoon little by little, and right now is probably low 70’s.  Yes, I know…I have it really good.  It depends, though…don’t ask me about my hair on humid, horribly humid days.  My hair and I have serious issues on behavioral inclinations.  It thinks it is supposed to be wild, unruly and all split ends showing at all times, and that’s when we differ.

Yes…I know, let’s go back to the weather’s conduct.  What’s going on?  We have really annoyed the heck out of Mama Nature.  And at the end, she rules!

There goes the train of 8:30 p.m.  Oh, yes, the weather and my hair.  This is so so lame, I cannot even take it myself.

The muses came by just a few minutes ago, and I thought I really had a good chance to sit down and type something meaningful about the weather, but the muses just waltzed in and waltzed out of my brain in one Florida second.  They, the Florida seconds, are really like lightning fast.

So now I am left with half of the story told.  You have to come up with the rest of the story by yourselves, because I am totally lost.  If you were one of the precious creatures that got some snow, go tell yourselves a little story and make yourselves happy.  If you are one the lovely creatures that is only getting rain, go ahead and make yourself happy thinking that Noah’s time is really gone so there’s no fear of another deluge.

I am in serious trouble.  Duke FB lost today.  At least it was to a friendly team.  Is there such a thing as a friendly opposing team?  I’d like to think so, right Lucy?  You have the winning smile, I have the sore loser grin.  All in good taste, though.  Even to be a loser, you must have class.  There’s an abundance of that somewhere in this condo.

So…it was today, October 29, 2011…Saturday night and a lot of books to read and magazines to look at.

Your Happy Contessa

“Dashing through the snow….”  What?  too early?

Published by happycontessa

I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

2 thoughts on “Let it snow…let it rain…let it get cold…

  1. Not too soon for dashing through the…. The stores and TV commercials started 2 weeks ago. As for football let’s not count our W’s till the end of the last bowl game!!

    1. We are so different, you are so gracious! If my team would have won, I would be tooting my horn uncontrollably, of ocurse, maybe not so much because it was your team we were playing. Celebrate all the winnings, they are W’s not L’s. In the Dominican Republic the Christmas trees have been up since beginning of October. Call that a tree fever!!

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