Monthly Archives: July 2015

C’est la difference…Little things that make a big difference…

DSCN0028These are a few of my favorite things…My Williams-Sonoma kitchen towels, have lots of these, my newly acquired bamboo utensils for my every day stir fry, and a bit of rosemary that I stole this morning from one of my neighbors humongous plant.  These things make me feel special.  It takes very little to make myself happy.

Isn’t that the case in general in our own lives?  I think so.  Things that make me laugh are my own interpretations of moments of others or my own, that I give it that Je ne se quoi twist.  Pardon my French.

Wanted to share how I make my own life very special.  Old kitchen towels, simple utensils and my own imagination.

It is the memory of moments that matter.  Life reminds me of when I was a little girl.  I used to play house with big cardboard boxes and I remember using cans to put fresh flowers on my make-believe home.  I was very happy then, and I am very happy now.  Of course, there are moments and there a moments.  You understand.

What are some of your very favorite things?

Make it a memorable day!




Change in policy in my queen’s castle…


As you have noticed, the tiara I wear in my castle is a bit crooked today.  The lady in waiting (me also) was too busy to check my hair, tiara, etc.  I cannot fire her because then there will be no one left to boss around.

Back to the headlines…I have decided that before I pass judgment or criticize someone, I should do the following; make sure all my underwear is clean, carpet is spotless, silver is shining, there is no garbage around, legs and other things are totally with not a hair to be found, I look perfect (this is the one that is never going to happen), I have read all the books and magazines on the piles all around the castle, car is waxed,  nails are looking smashing, all shoes are dusted and so on.  Hopefully you get the idea.

Oh yes, I have blessed every person that populates planet Earth.

After I am done doing all of the self-assigned tasks, I hope I won’t have the energy or the desire to pass judgment on anything or anyone.  That includes judging myself.

Think about this before you pass an opinion on my tiara or me.

Having a very non-judgmental and happy kind of day.