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Signs are your friend…


While visiting with family in South Florida, we made a stop along the way back, and when I saw this sign, it reminded me that in our family of three we used to always say, “follow the signs, the signs are your friend.”  That was also what Milagros told me when we visited Paris, and we were at Charles de Gaulle Airport… just landed, and I was obviously anxious, because we did not know a soul in Paris, and our francais was comme ci comme ca (so so).

She said this immortal words to me “mami, let’s follow the signs, they are your friend.”  That’s what we did, even when we did have my Google-printed instructions to go to the places we went.  Of course, Milagros, being young and very confident, sometimes defied the instructions.  Me? melting inside with the fear of getting lost, but she aced it all the time, and that’s how we found some places we would have missed had we followed Mrs. Google’s instructions.

Life is full of signs…invisible signs, intuitive signs, on-your-face signs, very loud signs and little signs that are like a knock on your mind and heart.   I live trying to figure out what’s their meaning, and that’s when I get all tangled up.  My patience is very limited and I want to know things pronto and with meaning very well spelled out.

Life is bigger, stronger and smarter than I am, so usually after wrestling for a while with “my signs,” I usually let go.  Do I have a choice?  Of course not!

Well…just wanted to share with all of you my wonderful readers, that the universe is always talking to us, even if we decide to listen or not.  I am still learning to listen very quietly.  Sometimes is in a language I totally do not recognize.

Another day in my beautiful, mysterious, wonderful life.

Happy Contessa

“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious…”  Albert Einstein, German theoretical physicist.  14 March, 1879 – 18 April, 1955.

Now you crush…Now you don’t…


One of the definitions of crush is…”short-lived infatuation.”  Yep, it happened already.  No longer infatuated…I have recovered my common sense, the peace and freedom of my mindset.  I feel like a new woman…again.

“We” were like two ships that crossed their paths in the middle of the night…and we sailed away from each other without knowing we almost touched our lives.  Sounds poetic, and yes, there’s poetry in romance.

But…it’s over!  I am feeling  totally recovered…no more butterflies in my stomach.  That’s a good thing.  I am leaving the romantic stuff at the moment to the characters in my soap operas, and watch all the drama from far away.  Do not need or want unnecessary drama in my wonderful life.

To all the fans of my humble blog, I am sorry that the news is not that exciting, like the news of my infatuation with Mr. Wonderful…but all things always come to an end…even the good and exciting stuff in life.

Having said all of that…I saw this morning on my way to the supermarket, the cutest guy on earth.  From my car window.  And that’s the way it will stay.  What?  I did not say I will stop looking and entertaining another little crush.  It is fun and it keeps my neurons trying to figure out what’s going on with my mind.  Love this!

Well…another day in my ever exciting life of… to crush or not to crush.  🙂

Your Happy Contessa

“Learning to live is learning to let go.”  Sogyal Rinpoche, a Tibetan Dzogchen lama.  Author of  “Tibetan Book of Living and Dying.”  Born in 1947.