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High expectations for 2014…


I took this picture shortly after takeoff last September when I made a trip to California for 48 hours.  The reason I picked this picture is that in life we never know what’s ahead of us, even for a few seconds.  We need to be prepared and embrace and work with whatever life has in storage for us.

2014 has a good ringing…at least for me.  I expect more of the fun, amazing things, blessings and all the goodies the Creator wants to continue to surprise me with.  I am sure there will be challenging stuff, but what the heck, life is all about surprises and more surprises.

2013 certainly was a memorable year for me and my family.  My darling daughter got married last July 6th.  Fairy tale wedding, but the most important thing was the way they looked at each other when she was walking down the aisle…I wish all couples would look at each other that same way for the rest of their lives.  It made my heart swell with love and joy for them.

That was the highlight of my year…there were other things fabulous and great…there are always fabulous and great things happening in my life.  My glass is always full to the top with excitement and happiness.  Of course, sometimes I have a little gray cloud hanging over my head, but I always push it aside or continue my life in spite of that little cloud.  As my mother used to say…”Not every day is a holiday.”

With that being said…I wish all of you, my wonderful worldwide audience, only the best in your lives and may God give you the strength, patience, peace and joy we all need and deserve.

Happy Contessa

“Celebrate what you want to see more of.”  Tom Peters, American writer on business management practices.  7 November, 1942 -.

All I want for Christmas is you…Love is a gift you give to yourself…


I am on a loving roll…just finished watching the most silly, romantic and cute movie of them all.  I knew how the end was going to happen from the first minute, but don’t ask me why, I watched the whole thing.

I am in a very good place right now in my life.  Love everything and everyone around me and those far away from me.  Maybe because the Christmas Spirit came and knocked on my door one day last week…who knows.

If we could get everything we ever wanted, I wonder how our lives would be.  I concluded today that there is someone who knows better than I do, what is the best for me.  So I just carry on and enjoy the journey.

Christmas is about the intangible…what is in your heart to give and about you graciously receiving the warmth of an embrace, eyes that look at you and tell you a beautiful story, touches that even though silent, have a whole story of unconditional love.

What is love?  For me is something you feel and leaves you breathless for a moment, something that transports you to a place where everything is just breathtaking.  I cannot describe love, I know I can feel it.  And I am feeling love all around me.

With that little essay…I must bow down to the muses…maybe they are getting closer…the last time I heard from them, they were in the Florida Keys, because the rest of the U.S.A. is freezing their derriere at incredible temperatures.  Sorry guys, but here in Florida, things are pretty toasty and shiny.

That was not the way I envisioned the ending of this loving posting…but this is how it is ending.  My apologies.

Your Happy Contessa

“Warmth can always be found in the heart.”  Me

Favorite things…and Christmas Season…


Don’t intend to promote any products here, but this perfume which I just love, love, comes from Jo Malone.  It was the perfume my daughter wore on her wedding day.  I loved it so much, just as the photographer and everyone else in the room, that I decided to get my own.  I just promise to my daughter, I will not wear it when I am in her town.

The lady at the counter did such a beautiful job with the packaging, that it made it feel more special.  So is everything else in life.  You put an extra little effort, and there you have it, something very special.  This perfume was on my Bucket List and today it has been crossed out.


This was one of the scenes at the shopping mall where I purchased my treasured perfume, and it was all very enticing for all of us there, to depart with our money.  I used that plastic rectangle three times while there.  All in the name of the holidays and of course, being happy.

It was a beautiful morning…good hair weather, with no humidity, and I am happy with my newly found treasures.  It doesn’t take much to make me happy.

Another day of sharing the wonderful opportunity of being an angel on earth having a human experience.

The muses must be somewhere close by.  They have been absent since July 2011.  I am sure you have noticed this.  The inspiration well has been dry for a while now, but we must carry on.

Thanks for reading…hopefully it will get better one of these days.

Happy Contessa

“The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.”  From The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, French writer, poet and pioneering aviator.  29 June 1900 – 31 July 1944.

Dreaded piece of mail…


This was not the original picture for this posting, but it will have to do for now.  My apologies.

When I receive this piece of mail from a very dear friend, my stress level reaches an all time high.  Hers is always the first season’s greetings card that I have received for as long as I can remember.

So, when I see this in my mail, that means again, that the stress has just begun.  I don’t even want to open it, because it means I have to get my derriere in high gear.

I think this dear friend sits down and on the Friday after Thanksgiving, she is just waiting for 12:01 am to release all of her cards.  I love her dearly and would love for her to get me going in a sort of another way, but life is just that, life.  I already have my two little Christmas trees all decked up and the condo looks like I am all ready and set to go.  Yeah…don’t I wish.  I really don’t want to go into the stores, but I know I have to…or a thought just occurred…maybe I don’t have to go at all, and wait and see reactions.  But knowing how my self-confidence level is always on a variant…I know I will go like the rest of us, and break down and use that plastic rectangle.

Caramba!  Something nice in Spanish…just a phrase to release some steam.  I wish I could go into space until January 2nd and meditate in a bubble all the time.  I will be so melted and peaced out when I return, that maybe no one will recognize me.  Probably all my wrinkles will be gone (Yes!), and my nerves will be non-existent.  Hey Santa, are you listening?

Until next time, I will share a view of my small Christmas vision.

Happy Contessa

“It’s that wonderful time of the year…”  Ding, dong, ding, dong.

Snowing on my blog…so have to change theme in a big hurry…


Checking on my blog, noticed it was snowing!  So had to change theme of the main page in a big hurry…

This is my grand-doggie’s gift.  His name is Baxter Brown, who has his own page on Facebook.  He was number one on my list.  So easy to please and I know how excited he gets when he gets a little present.

There is no wisdom right now, or maybe yes…start getting your presents (or not) pretty soon, because there are only so many shopping days left, sort of to drain your wallet and your checking account.

Sorry, but for me, this is what the holidays have become, trying to give to people who need your present like they need a hole in their brain.

I am positive I am not alone on this.  What’s wrong with giving love, compassion, caring, and empathy all throughout the year, instead of buying something that probably the provenance is from….China and they do not need anyways.  With my utmost respect to the Chinese people.

There I am, and I thought I had nothing to say…oh yes…college football is keeping me on the edge of my seat.  Love it!

Promise next posting will be more profound and maybe entertaining.

Happy Contessa

“Sometimes silence better serves the purpose of trying to say anything at all.”  Me