Dreaded piece of mail…


This was not the original picture for this posting, but it will have to do for now.  My apologies.

When I receive this piece of mail from a very dear friend, my stress level reaches an all time high.  Hers is always the first season’s greetings card that I have received for as long as I can remember.

So, when I see this in my mail, that means again, that the stress has just begun.  I don’t even want to open it, because it means I have to get my derriere in high gear.

I think this dear friend sits down and on the Friday after Thanksgiving, she is just waiting for 12:01 am to release all of her cards.  I love her dearly and would love for her to get me going in a sort of another way, but life is just that, life.  I already have my two little Christmas trees all decked up and the condo looks like I am all ready and set to go.  Yeah…don’t I wish.  I really don’t want to go into the stores, but I know I have to…or a thought just occurred…maybe I don’t have to go at all, and wait and see reactions.  But knowing how my self-confidence level is always on a variant…I know I will go like the rest of us, and break down and use that plastic rectangle.

Caramba!  Something nice in Spanish…just a phrase to release some steam.  I wish I could go into space until January 2nd and meditate in a bubble all the time.  I will be so melted and peaced out when I return, that maybe no one will recognize me.  Probably all my wrinkles will be gone (Yes!), and my nerves will be non-existent.  Hey Santa, are you listening?

Until next time, I will share a view of my small Christmas vision.

Happy Contessa

“It’s that wonderful time of the year…”  Ding, dong, ding, dong.

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4 thoughts on “Dreaded piece of mail…

  1. Cards – have them but haven’t written them. The trees are up – 1 outside, 1 upstairs and the grand Mama of all in the living room. 50% wrapped of what we have. Needles working like crazy. Going to an art fair with Richard Saturday, perhaps I’ll sell all the hats I made for the kids, grands and great grands. Only time will tell. We are slowing down, spending less. After year of giving to everyone else (our choice of course), we are giving to ourselves at this time – new dishwasher installed last night. Oh, yeah. No choice other than to do them by hand. It’s a quiet satisfaction. Peaceful thoughts wonderful lady – no worries about here.

    1. Raylene, you are hilarious! I think of you when I see the latest Fedex commercial about the grandmother knitting all the time…I’ll send it to you. New quieter dishwasher, YES! Thanks for wishing peaceful thoughts, even thou I just remembered I have a few birthdays in December. Ay Dios Mio! English=OMG! Love,

    1. Hey, good to hear from you…you are still too young so December is so ever exciting…not that I don’t get excited in December…too excited! Thank you for the compliment on the design, did you notice the snow? That’s what prompted me to change the decor…even snow flakes get me freaked out, letting me know that I need to move and set up design proper for the holidays. Don’t you love that I sound like an old grouchy lady? Sign of the times. I just like to complain…not really, I love my life and I will survive and enjoy these very meaningful holidays. Merry Christmas! Hugs,

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