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I am cooking…on a food roll…


Yes, I made a different dinner tonight.  The goddesses of the culinary department in Heaven must be frantic.  That woman, in the kitchen, and cooking something new?  Sound the alarm.

Yep, I bought an avocado, some chick peas (garbanzos), wild sockeye salmon, and one mango.  This is the result of all of these ingredients.  Frankly, I looked at the items for 2 days, and today decided that I was not going to let them spoil.  So…around 4:30 pm, I started with the mango.  Peeled, cut it and put it with a bit of water and some sugar to boil.  Then the peas, I warmed them a little to make it easier to mash, peeled the avocado, cut it in small pieces.  Mixed those two, added some lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, garlic salt and very little regular salt.  The salmon, just put it in a pan, with very little evoo and some garlic salt on top.  Let it  cook at your preference, and voila, there you have it.  A delicious, lots of protein dinner.

Frankly, I may have forgotten a thing or two, because I do not follow instructions and make my own rules when I am in that dreaded place of the house, called kitchen.  I do not like to cook!  But… I do like to eat healthy food, so I have to psych myself to go in you know where.  I like a pretty and clean kitchen, but my ideal home would be one without that department.

It was so tasty and good for all parts of my ancient, from the cave-age-body.  Honesty is a good trait I possess.

Confession time…I have some new highly educated friends on that social network, so I am having nightmares about how they are going to interpret my use of the English language.  Just when I was chillin with my life, there they show up!  Hopefully, “they” won’t be reading this, and just in case they do…the grammar police and I already have made peace with each other a long time ago.  Well…I feel much better now that this issue is out of my system.  I am who I am and it is what it is.

Ta ta

Happy Contessa

“Enjoy everything in your whatever life, because it is very short and only you can make it delicious.”  Me.

Southern charm…Food and…


This was an unusual experience.  Since when do Southern restaurants have so much noise that you want to gulp down the food and leave as soon as possible.  I thought only the big golden arches did that.  This is a new era.  Always noisy and on the run.

I had the shrimp creole or something like that over grits and sweet corn bread.  It was outrageously delicious!  The name of the place is a chicken coop (that’s somewhat the real name, but because I don’t endorse or criticize restaurants because I am not a Food Critic, I don’t mention their real name).  My mouth is the best food critic you will ever meet, if you ask me.  I do not volunteer my opinion, except in this forum, because it is mine to say whatever I want to.

Well…going back to the experience…as soon as we got in the place, the noise was so high that I had my doubts as to stay or go.  We decided we will go through the experience.  You walk up to a buffet style counter, and you tell the servers what you would like to have and, you get your food, you pay, get your drinks, silverware, napkins and sit wherever you can find a place.  That’s the new style en vogue…the more difficult they make it for you…the more people love the place.  What gives.  No…I did not have sweet tea.  Didn’t see any Southern gentlemen either, except the one gentleman with us.  I was there to eat, not to get a partner.

My food was great…my system must be in shock going from grazing all the time to all these hundreds of small pieces of ham, tomatoes, lots of spices and a good number of shrimps, maybe farm-raised in Malaysia.  What the heck, I was out for the experience, not to have a psychology session with my stomach, trying to explain to this 60+ year-old stomach what was about to happen.  So ok.

YOLO…you only live once.  Yeah, but I want to live once and for a kind of long time.  Need to find out if there is any oxymoron syndrome involved in all of this.

Next time “Take Out” is the name of the game.  Maybe once a year.  Good idea.

Your Happy Contessa

“Nobody can be exactly like me.  Sometimes even I have trouble doing it.” Anonymous

Complaint about Aging…#101


Not a good idea to take a closer look at yourself on a humid, hot, bad-hair-kind-of-a-day, when you are using an 8x magnifying mirror.

Where in the world all this stuff comes from and when the heck did all these things happened?

I am lost for words and for anything else.  Things hanging everywhere, lines and big dents all over the place, and let’s not go below the neck.  Do not want to convert this posting on a horror story.  I have this humongous mirror on my dinning area, and when I sit to eat, or graze, because that’s all I do, I just move my mouth all the time, and I can see my face all the time while I am eating.  Not a pleasant image.

I don’t know about any of you…but I don’t remember being told anytime when I was a younger, so ravishing looking chick, that this is what was waiting for me at this tender age of mid-sixties.  There I am…I don’t want to reveal my real age anymore.  Too much pain just adjusting to all these new changes.  I caught myself walking in slow motion the other day, and I almost fainted from my reaction to my own body.  The mind is out there, going and going, dancing and dancing, but the body is saying, hey, not so fast.  I hate this!

I am afraid to look to the left, to the right, high above and low below on the mirror anymore.  I get surprises of new areas that have changed in the last 30 seconds or so.  I don’t know how to deal with all these new parts on my body.  I am fearful of laughing too hard and too much, because all these lines come to visit on a second, without being invited.  I love sleeveless shirts, well…the look is not that hot anymore.

Listen up, young punks, enjoy all you can right now, because the transition from gorgeous to “what’s that” happens in a second.  No warning whatsoever.

Creams?  All of them for every area of the body.  Do they work?  Don’t think so, but I still use them anyway.  This is so very hard for a hard-core ex-diva like me.

Now that I let all the steam out, I need to go out and get some books on how to learn to crochet, knit, or paint.  That’s what quiet, nice little old-ladies do.  Right?  Ok, Raylene, you are the exception to the rule.  You’re still a baby, but prepare yourself, my friend, because you will be knitting at a speed you never knew you could.    🙂

I am looking to buy a 100x magnifying mirror, so I can torture myself at a better rate.

Wow…life never ceases to amaze me with all these surprising surprises.  Grammar police?

Your Happy Contessa

“Life is better when you can laugh about your own self.”  Me