I am cooking…on a food roll…

Yes, I made a different dinner tonight.  The goddesses of the culinary department in Heaven must be frantic.  That woman, in the kitchen, and cooking something new?  Sound the alarm. Yep, I bought an avocado, some chick peas (garbanzos), wild sockeye salmon, and one mango.  This is the result of all of these ingredients.  Frankly,Continue reading “I am cooking…on a food roll…”

Complaint about Aging…#101

Not a good idea to take a closer look at yourself on a humid, hot, bad-hair-kind-of-a-day, when you are using an 8x magnifying mirror. Where in the world all this stuff comes from and when the heck did all these things happened? I am lost for words and for anything else.  Things hanging everywhere, lines andContinue reading “Complaint about Aging…#101”