Monthly Archives: November 2013

Thankful for my small, grand and very significant blessings…


This is what greets me when I come into my kingdom…some of my books, a picture of my lovely daughter and her husband, and a sense of gratitude because I made it back home safe and happy to be in this place, and at this time in my life.

I am such a fortunate woman…the good Lord has always been by my side, to guide, protect, and encourage me when I need it most.

I am in a priceless place in my life and my heart just swells with gratitude and happiness.

Life is ultra good!

Wish all of you my friends wherever you may be today…a very Happy Thanksgiving Day and may your journey continue to be one of joy, gratitude and happiness.  Of course there will be some bumps on the road of our lives, but those are minor things compared to the bigger picture.  It is all about the bigger picture.


Your Happy Contessa