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End of Mediocrity in my Writings…


Get ready!  I just purchased this used, but new to me, book about writing.  I am getting oh, so ready to create my next masterpiece.  Maybe by the end of 2020.  That number sounds good.  I think I will be seventy-something.  Just the perfect age to write a Pulitzer-Prize-piece-of-work.

Just noticed while taking the picture that this is the “Instructor’s Edition.”  Meaning what, I yet don’t get it.  Yes, I did get it!  It is meant to be for a teacher.  That much I get.  I have just been elevated to that level.  Something is going to stick in my ever glowing brain.

Last week I attended a creative writing workshop, and the main speaker was an old-good-fellow who happens to be a Pulitzer Prize winner.  And he said: ” Anyone can write a book that makes you feel happy.”  According to him it was a quote from Kafka.  Another oh so good writer.  Sorry to disappoint my now very famous audience, but I have only seen a picture of Mr. Kafka.  So much for my credibility.  But I don’t feel so bad, because last year, that is, 2012, this humble blog was read in 59 countries around our beautiful Planet Earth.  No Martians yet.  Sometime soon, by 2020, that’s why I am getting ready.

Make what you want of all of this.  I am just chillin and having a good time doing some serious reading and hoping to jump from mediocre to at least decent writings.

Thanks God for hope.

Until my next masterpiece…no…I will be writing before 2020.

Your Happy Contessa

“Productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do before.”  Franz Kafka, German-language writer of novels and short stories.  3 July, 1883 – 3 June 1924.