Here’s to looking at you…Alba Maria…

Alba Maria…the one on the left.  It has been three years since you went to Heaven.  After going through the sadness of missing talking, laughing and crying with you sometimes, I am now at the stage of celebrating the blessing you were and still are somehow in my life. Thank you for having been aContinue reading “Here’s to looking at you…Alba Maria…”

Happy and warmer days are here again…Thanks God!!

The past few days have been a real test to my endurance to the cold weather. Robes, two to three pair of socks at once, sweat shirt and pants, scarf, and hardly moving at all.  The lowest temperature I resisted was 64 degrees.  At which time I said to myself,  this is getting real bad, my fingersContinue reading “Happy and warmer days are here again…Thanks God!!”

Today…high…48…tomorrow…low…29…in Florida!!!

Let’s start with the salutation first, Happy New You!!! Now, to the line of business.  I moved to Florida because I do not fare well with the cold weather. So this morning, I am thinking…Am I in a parallel universe?  High today 48 and low tomorrow 29.  What has happened?  Back to my sweats and goodContinue reading “Today…high…48…tomorrow…low…29…in Florida!!!”