2023…Really? Yes, Really…

Going back on track to reviewing my life, my goals and my accomplishments. Yes, goals are to look forward to the future, accomplishments are to look at all the goodness of our trails of the times gone by. They are all amazing, because in every new and old experience there’s a sense of adventure.

I have taken it upon that instead of goal setting for the big things I would like to accomplish, acquire or have, I’m setting my goals for daily mundane things that are the echelon to accomplishing the major ambitions in my life. (Where is that dictionary I bought with the sole purpose to be next to the computer. Need to check on meaning and spelling of “echelon.”) Well, I had it right! Touchdown! Something to be excited about. We take for granted so many things. One of them is celebrating the little things as enthusiastically as we do the biggy ones. Sorry, autocorrect, biggy is going to stay biggy.

I think that in the small essay I have already typed is the essence of what’s going on in my life. All goodness, all blessings and all positives.

Yes, there are sometimes some big stones trying to block or stop me on my trail, but no dice. The one above, hope you know who I mean, but just in case, I’m referring to my Creator, is always by my side and in my mind, sort of like my GPS, always scanning my territory to keep me going in the right direction.

Why the hat? Where I write this blog, in my sunroom, there’s so much glare, that I wear this hat to cover my eyes from the bright light. No makeup, just a la naturale. The real me. Well, some light editing in the picture. I never said I was perfect. Lighten up!

Removed the image with the hat on. Too much Al naturale. So this one instead is better. Celebrating a friend’s birthday at my place yesterday.

Many blessings to you and may every day of this 2023 be exciting and thought provoking.


Yours truly

Published by happycontessa

I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

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