My faith in my Creator

What has made my faith stronger is the evidence of all that surrounds me. And the knowing of the things yet to be seen. That’s how strong my faith is.

It was not an innate thing. It came about when I have always been in my most challenging moments, and my faith and trust in God is all I have to carry me on and guide me. There’s always the next blessed moment.

I so totally trust my Creator that I know for sure that I am always going to be ok, because I have surrendered my all to God. So it’s for my family. 

Surrendered everything, because after all, I have no control over anything. I may think I do, but I always go confidently in what I am about to do, and if there’s some corrective action, when I stray away from the path, God is going to move me gently in the ways that are supposed to be good for me and my path.

Yes, I totally and blindly trust my God, because after all, I am one of his children and I know That His is the greatest love that there have been, is and will be. Amen!

Published by happycontessa

I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

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