So extremely ambitious…but what else is new.

What do you do when the muses are constantly making fun of you? You just join them. If you cannot defeat the enemy, join them for a while to plan an attack. Easier said than done.

My other so ambitious self has come up with an strategy. Don’t write one novel, no, that’s too insignificant. You must also write a novella and a novellita. A tiny novella. I’m so bloody creative. I’ll do anything to not take my some commitments so serious. But, hey, every citizen of Idiotville must always have a bag full of excuses. Let’s continue with the story, but..It’s not freaking easy!

Had to stop to check Mr. Dictionary. Hassle of the craft for me. English, second language. I could use that as another excuse, but that’s too lame.

I just thought, if I can engage in writing to create this post, why not take the same approach to write the novel and her cousins. Ah, but there’s another issue. I’m learning to use Scrivener, a program supposedly to make my writing career easier. Ha! I stay away from Scrivener for Dummies as if it had a contagious disease.
I do have a so marvelous and wonderful life, where I can sit and write this nothing to talk about stuff. And take lots of selfies. That I like. It’s so exciting to find new lines and wrinkles. To think people from China read this. Amazing. Ni hao. Hello in Chinese.

Stay so happy and blessed until we meet again to catch up on my nothing to do with my time, but stay in touch through the magic of technology.
Chao, au revoir, hasta la vista!

Yours truly,

P.S. Some prolific and serious writers take sometimes 10 years to create their masterpieces. I have seven left. Tic toc. Shut up!

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

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