Here’s to looking at you…Alba Maria…

Alba Maria…the one on the left.  It has been three years since you went to Heaven.  After going through the sadness of missing talking, laughing and crying with you sometimes, I am now at the stage of celebrating the blessing you were and still are somehow in my life.

Thank you for having been a great sister, for listening to all my drama…and thank you for doing all the algebra, trigonometry and physics homework and tests for me.  Probably I would be today without a high school diploma, because in the department of the sciences and math, my neuron population was non-existent at that time.  Now, I kind of enjoy doing my taxes and a lot more stuff dealing with mathematics.

I toast to you today and always.  I feel so happily blessed for having had you as my hermanita (little sister).

I love you today and always will…

Your big sister.

“You can never step in the same river twice.”  Heraclitus, Greek philosopher.  535 – 475 BC.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

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