Temperature…and Tea Time…

Couldn’t wait till the official tea time in London…I know, the Queen is going to be somewhat upset that I could not wait for her.  Well…here in America, we do things whenever we feel like it…or when the weather is driving you so nuts, that you break protocol.

I had my best intentions since around 12:30 pm today.  I talked myself into waiting until 4 pm to have my piece of sweet for the day and a cup of lemon tea.  Love that tea!

First, increased the temperature on the thermostat, and then decided that the tea police was not around, so started to boil my water.  Cannot boil it too much.  Oxygen escapes, and tea does not taste as good.  According to the instructions.  Then, after two minutes, sat down and enjoyed my very hot cup of tea.

The moment of anticipation went by too fast.  Could I have a second cup of tea and another piece of good-for-you piece of cardboard tasting cereal bar?  Tried to walk around the apartment to make the decision and then, voila, decided to do a posting about the whole thing.  That will take care of my brain telling my stomach that there is room at the sac for more.  I imagine I am not alone in this constant battle.

The typing won…for the immediate moment.  I will let you know in a future episode how the battle ended.

So…it was today…14 January, 2012…the perfect day for a cup of tea.  High…48 degrees…in Florida.

Your Happy Contessa

“The older you get, the more important it is not to act your age.”  Ashleigh Brilliant, English-born author and cartoonist.  9 December, 1933.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

6 thoughts on “Temperature…and Tea Time…

  1. Wow – look at that teacup and matching saucer. And what is that little delicacy that’s perched above it all? I drink my tea out of a huge (chipped) mug and use a library book as a coaster.

  2. A cup of hot tea would have been so delightful today. It’s so chilly my nose didn’t thaw all day. The sunshine was very deceiving.

    1. Smiling I am telling you, that’s why I am down here and not up there. Tomorrow, high like mid 70’s. We suffer a little…but then the heat waves start taking over. But then, you have delightful zero humidity weather for longer. Cannot have it all. Hope you keep warm in your beautiful sun room.

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