High expectations for 2014…


I took this picture shortly after takeoff last September when I made a trip to California for 48 hours.  The reason I picked this picture is that in life we never know what’s ahead of us, even for a few seconds.  We need to be prepared and embrace and work with whatever life has in storage for us.

2014 has a good ringing…at least for me.  I expect more of the fun, amazing things, blessings and all the goodies the Creator wants to continue to surprise me with.  I am sure there will be challenging stuff, but what the heck, life is all about surprises and more surprises.

2013 certainly was a memorable year for me and my family.  My darling daughter got married last July 6th.  Fairy tale wedding, but the most important thing was the way they looked at each other when she was walking down the aisle…I wish all couples would look at each other that same way for the rest of their lives.  It made my heart swell with love and joy for them.

That was the highlight of my year…there were other things fabulous and great…there are always fabulous and great things happening in my life.  My glass is always full to the top with excitement and happiness.  Of course, sometimes I have a little gray cloud hanging over my head, but I always push it aside or continue my life in spite of that little cloud.  As my mother used to say…”Not every day is a holiday.”

With that being said…I wish all of you, my wonderful worldwide audience, only the best in your lives and may God give you the strength, patience, peace and joy we all need and deserve.

Happy Contessa

“Celebrate what you want to see more of.”  Tom Peters, American writer on business management practices.  7 November, 1942 -.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

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