All that starts well…ends very well…now it is the 63+ adventure…

All that starts, has to come to an end.  The era of my 63rd birthday celebration has come to a complete halt.  Screeching halt.

Now it is the 63+ period.  Does it feel any different?  Right now, after the “not allowed” glass of wine and a good turkey sandwich, yes, the vegan discipline took a big break this weekend, I really do not feel any different from last Thursday.  Tomorrow is back to the school and discipline of just grazing on veggies and stuff such as tofu.  Need to get a firmer one, tofu I mean, the one I had last Thursday night was very soft and not so appealing.  Live and learn.

The neurons are tired and very relaxed after wine and great conversation.  Had a memorable birthday weekend.  The lovely daughter is on her way back to the big North where the chills of cold weather are in full swing.  Fine down here, thank you very much.

Today, short in words, but hoping tomorrow will be back to normal.

So…it was today…23 October, 2011…a short day of typing and thinking.  Very much on the happy and content side.

Your Happy Contessa

“Thank you for the meaningful and beautiful memories.”  Happy Contessa to the lovely daughter.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

6 thoughts on “All that starts well…ends very well…now it is the 63+ adventure…

    1. I can only imagine. The sandwich I had was smoked turkey. It was surprisingly delicious. I have yet to use the mini oven. It is already clean. Hope you are doing better.

  1. The hormones are added during the feeding process to make them grow faster and improve their feed to weight ratio. It is in all commercially grown turkeys. MMMM MMMM GOOD.

    1. Do you think those hormones, once we have ingested them, will continue working in our bodies and make us grow things? Need to research on that. Glad you like your turkey-a-la-hormone tasting good.

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