Weather…cannot complain…

One of the reasons why I moved South was due to the cold weather.  Look at this week’s weather for my area.

Some 90% possibility of rain for today, but as of 4:25 p.m., only a lick of water.  Probably the areas where water is not needed, they are getting it all.

Good, or may I say, excellent weather to catch up with reading, studying French.  Have been watching a dvd in French, and all I hear is just noise.  Recognize a word or two and I imagine the rest because of the story and what they are doing.  But, that’s how I learned English.  Watching the Ed Sullivan Show and when all of them were laughing, I laughed because I did not have the faintest idea of what was being said.  My mother used to chase me to go to bed.  She used to say that if I didn’t understand anything, why I was wasting my time.  Little did she know.  English has been my greatest tool for survival in life.

Let’s go back to the weather…that’s what this posting is supposed to be about.  Today the air conditioner unit was not working, according to a recording I found on my phone.  Went out to catch up with laundry too.  Remember the want-to-be sauna dryer?  Yep, it swallowed four quarters from my pocket and started perspiring like crazy.  Nothing else.  Had to take out all the clothes and visited the second floor to get my clothes dried. Ah, the air conditioner unit…it will be put to the test next time we get a heat wave.

Oh yes, the weather…well,  it looks somewhat decent on the forecast.  Some people cancel appointments due to rain, so…I’ll leave it at that.  I am not making fun of anything or anyone anymore.  I remember the snow days up there in beautiful North Carolina and Virginia.  Give me some rain anytime.  No froggies apply.

So I am venturing out tomorrow, only 30% possibility of rain.   Even if it was 100%, I am going out.  Two days in a row in this condo is making me antsy.  Besides, no bananas, carrots, salmon, or ripe plantains.  Cereal last day is tomorrow.  Out I am going!

So…it was today…18 October, 2011…a day looking gloomy, but good to catch up in whatever.

Your Happy Contessa

“I am still learning.”  Michelangelo, Italian Renaissance painter, sculptor, poet, architect and engineer.  6 March, 1475 – 18 February, 1564.

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2 thoughts on “Weather…cannot complain…

  1. WInd shear broke up the storm down around Naples. A great and accurate weather site is

    accweather.c-m replace the – with an o.

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