Florida…my new home…vacation…and my most demanding fan…

Well…Miss Lucy, one of my most devoted fans, snapped me out of the sultry, hot, humid vacation I was having and demanded to know what’s going on with the Contessa.  I don’t know if I can cope with the price of being so popular with the five or so readers I have.  Well, in honesty, I have a little more people interested in my babbling.

So last Friday I left North Carolina in the morning and around 4 pm arrived in Richmond Hill, Georgia with my car fully loaded.  You cannot imagine the things I put in the garbage at the last moment, because there was no one around to give it to and no space in the work horse (my car).  But the less I have the lighter I travel.  Once at the hotel, had a chance to catch up with my soaps (no tele for 2 days, or was it one?), my brain is having some sort of foggy weather up there.  It is so hot and humid, but that’s what I wanted, right?  I am taking naps at 4 pm.  I really don’t care if I don’t sleep later, I am just so drained of all these events, emotions and etc., etc.

I left Richmond Hill on Saturday around 7:30 am and was in Florida around 11:30 am.  A bit of my driving experience.  I don’t know how many times I listened to my favorite cd.  I figured that it took around one hour to listen to the whole cd, so the more I listened to the cd, the closer I was getting to my destination.  Cheap logic, but it worked for me.  I still love all the songs.  That’s why they are my favorites.  Plus a friend gave me another cd for variety.  Nice!  And a bar of Godiva 72% chocolate.  How did she know.  Thanks.

Welcome Wagon waiting for me at my door...
My gardens...

I don’t have my furniture yet.  I even don’t call the company that has my furniture any more to find out when I am getting my stuff.  I refuse to listen to their rationalization of why I was not told from the beginning that it was going to take this long.   Up the creek with no paddle.  Sometimes it is better to just keep on sleeping on an air mattress than to talk with “It is not our fault” people.  The other night I almost fell off my bed.  Not a big distance between the bed and floor.  Man, and there are about five trains that parade through the tracks every night.  But…I wanted to live here.  I am not complaining.  I love my new town.  Really.  I live right now in a 55+ community.  Lots of nice people.  Beautiful gardens.  Have to be very quiet as night approaches.  But I wanted  live here.  Did I already say that?  Flushing toilets very late at night, not such a good thing.  But I wanted to live here.  Oh…the fringe benefits of living in a 55+ community.  More on that as I continue my experience with these wonderful people.

I have a sun room that looks into the gardens.  How lovely.  Went to buy furniture, but when I went to get what I had envisioned, it was gone.  Plan B.  Pier 1.  Pictures later when the room is finished.  You should see me dragging the stuff, because it is just me against pounds and pounds of stuff to get in the condo.  I just asked the Lord to give me some guidance as to how to get the stuff inside.  Dragging it is!  Also, I watch when the clouds are covering the sunny sun to go out and take my stuff out of the car.  The games I play.

I have done my duty for today…Oh, before I forget, just bought a 32″ tv.  Everybody look short and heavy.  My soaps are not as fun to watch any more.  Even my good-looking guy does not look so hot now.  What is one to do?

So it was today…21 July, 2011…another day of being waken up by the sonic boom of Atlantis.  Good to have them home.  Thanks for the great ride the shuttle program has given all of us.  Last sonic boom of this era.  Glad I was here to experience it.

Until next Monday it is…Have a cooler weekend than probably I will be having.  But I wanted to be here…

Your Happy Contessa

“Arguing with reality is a losing battle.”  Me

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10 thoughts on “Florida…my new home…vacation…and my most demanding fan…

  1. Give it some time – and wait until the crazy summer heat is over – and you will be happy to be 75 and balmy while the rest of us are freezing!

    1. You’re right! I love it here in spite of the sauna weather environment. Just making it a bit dramatic, you know it runs in the family… Have a lovely day. My first welcome back reader!!

  2. Actually much hotter in along the Eastern Seaboard than in Florida now. Watch out for single men with gray hair,.

    1. Gray hair? What are you thinking? It is either slim, mix of gray hair with whatever other color existed on his head, with a very nice cut and good looking too, otherwise, I am doing very well as I am. I specialize in spoiling myself. Love it here. I feel at home. I will be seeing both of you hopefully soon. No furniture as of yet. Have a nice weekend.

  3. You’re back! I’m so happy, yes, you chose to live there, but remember you have options. We are allowed to change our mind and follow our hearts.

    1. Si Lucy, your wish is my command. Here I am. I like it a lot. Feel right at home. Heat is everywhere, so what gives. This is my Florida chapter, second revised version. To the good, hot, humid life!! Thanks for motivating me to be back.

  4. The governor of Florida is Rick Scott? When did this happen? Congrats on the move! It’s 104 degrees in NYC right now – can you top that?

    1. Hey girlfriend, no, I cannot top that 104 thanks God. Don’t have the foggiest idea of who Rick Scott is. Probably it happened in last election? Politics is very low in my totem pole right now. Boys in D.C. just wear me out. Love the new look of your blog. Thanks for keeping up with me.

  5. Back from the beach. Had great weather there but came back to incredibly hot temps 106 at one point – arrived to “C” and it was 102. Yuck – where is the beach. But thunderstorm hit and cooled us down. As to the “short and fat” people on your TV – it is an adjustment and you should be able to adjust that! Glad we spoke today. Good to hear your voice.

    1. Glad you had a “cooler” time at the beach. The rest of us were being roasted as chickens. Short and fat people better get trimmer, because then back to the store it goes. Do you know something I don’t? Welcome back to “C”!!

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