The privilege of excess…

How much undergarment can one have?  Do I think that maybe one day I will be going to Siberia, where probably I will have to take my own food, my own folding chair (Hi Lucy), and a bear to help me keep warm.

This is a partial picture of suitcases, canvas bags, overnight bags, and any other name you want to baptize a piece of material sewn together and give it the name of luggage.  Color is irrelevant, brand, weight, how many wheel drives it has and does your flip 360 degrees?  Two of mine do.  Big deal, yes it is when you want to show off.  See, I can turn wheels around and you cannot.

And it just doesn’t stop there.  Cars, toilets, houses, diseases, and a whole entourage of things that we think we cannot do without.

I am even making excuses to hold on to most of them.  Maybe I can put all copies of my tax returns, receipts, photos, and even myself in case of an emergency.  You never know where I may go that I may need some cover.

Oh, oh, someone just knocked at my door really hard.  Careful there, do not chip the paint.  Need to deliver this house in top condition.  A young man selling pest control service.  First I told him that he should be more subdue when he knocks on a door.  He looked at me as if I was a Martian.  Close enough.  Then I told him that I already have a service and to be careful with the lightning out there.  He told me that probably he was going to get zapped, because he was going to be all night out there selling this service.????  I told him, well, that’s too bad, because you are not going to have a long life.  Then I send him off with a good luck and enjoy your short life.  How bad can an aging woman, so tired of packing boxes and annoyed at his knock can be.  Very, very bad.  But, he asked for it.  Being cute at this time of the day.  Don’t I sound like the perfect grouchy old lady?  Need a break.

Ok.  Going back to the excess thing.  I really don’t have any wisdom on this one.  I am going to continue probably to be a bag lady for the rest of my life.  I will just shove my suitcases, bags and myself into some boxes and live forever happily in wrinkle city.  Florida here I come!

So it was today…a day of nothing much, but of packing the heck out of my stuff, and sending a young man to be zapped by lightning.  It does not get any better.

This was good.  I had a good laugh.

6 July, 2011.  Different format.  I like surprises.

Your Happy Contessa

“The more you have, the heavier it gets.”  From the book of wisdom of happy contessas.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

2 thoughts on “The privilege of excess…

    1. Closing is next week. I am keeping myself abreast of things. Since when have you known me to trust important things to others? I am in control…we’ll find out next week how much control I have over things. Relax, my friend…everything is going to be just ok. I will be a Floridian pretty soon. Thanks for reading and keeping me in my tip toes.

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