The weekend…Fin de Semana…Fin de semaine…

All of us love the idea of the weekend.  We look forward to it as something that will liberate us to do what we really love and just to chill.

It is as if we take a breather from life itself.  We feel excited, relaxed and look forward to doing so many things, even though if by Sunday night, we just did nothing much.

But then, we have Friday all over again to do and plan all over again.

Weekends make all of us happy.  We are in a better disposition and feel different also.  Mood is good, and I think it is like when you let a bird out of a cage.  That’s the feeling I am trying to describe to equate it to the thought of the weekend coming up.

I am starting my weekend tomorrow.  In Florida,  Friday is the first day of all yard sales, so it is like an extra day to find some treasures.  Even though I do not have a job outside of doing what I feel like doing, Mondays through Thursday night are about the same for me as they are for you, I mean, for those of you that have to dress up and go to an office or place of work.

I am looking forward to my weekend.  No French class on Saturday.  Teacher is in New York having fun I guess.

I wish all of you a lovely, fun, happy and relaxing weekend.  See you next Monday for the grinding of whatever it is in schedule for all of us. was today…3 November, 2011…a day to think about the coming weekend.

Your Happy Contessa

“Every man must find his own philosophy…his attitude toward life.”  Lin Yutang, Chinese writer and inventor.  10 October, 1895 – 26 March, 1976.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

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