Oops!…I forgot…

Hold it!  That’s what I am telling the frontal part of my brain.  The famous Perry moment has been dissected and analyzed so much that the subject of my posting today has been taken over by the incident this poor politician had last night.

It was a simple…”senior moment.”  Why don’t they call it what it is.  Brain freeze or overload or in the baby boomers’ lingo, a “senior moment.”

Do we still have a red telephone in the White House that our fearless leader is supposed to use in case of a nuclear threat?  Oops!  Cannot get confused with the colors of the phones.  It will send us flying into orbit, all of us, and I mean the whole planet.

This is so bad.  I feel I am being mean to the poor man, but when you are running for public office, and not just any public office, but the presidency of the United States of America, you better have your Wheaties every morning and your Senior Centrum with extra vitamin B and plenty of potassium every single day.

And to think I thought I would not have anything to write about today.

If you have cockroaches behind your walls, any dirty laundry, any mental stress, or any little honeys hiding waiting to be discovered, please spare us the embarrassing moments some of you are putting us through.  I couldn’t run for office, because right away they will say I cannot be understood, my accent is too heavy.  That’s why I cannot be a U.S. Senator.  I know my weaknesses.  What a waste.  A woman with so much talent like me cannot serve all of you, just because of my accent.  Just kidding.  I have plenty in my life the way it is right now.

My fellow citizens, before you think about running for public office, please, I implore you, Google yourselves, look at your Yearbooks and try to remember, after you have taken your Centrum vitamins, if there are some dots that can be connected by somebody else.  And remember guys, keep those zippers really, really closed.  Don’t let a moment of weakness outshine your moment of Oops!

So…it was today, 10 November, 2011…a day to remember…or oops, forget.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot, have the loveliest of weekends and I shall return on Monday.

Your Happy Contessa

“Too much talk, beware trouble…”  Old Chinese proverb.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

4 thoughts on “Oops!…I forgot…

      1. Wow! Sorry I had to delete the video, it takes from my allowed bites that I need for my pictures, so I don’t have to pay extra. So it was our present fearless leader. Probably he had a pre-senior moment or is a bit confused about our number of states. I had to learn that for my citizenship test.

  1. The teleprompter was out of order. I actually just posted the link and the actual video showed up, Next time, I will post the link and leave out the h in http:

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