At the speed of a snail…

Today, on my way out to drop my garbage, sometimes I do it two to three times a day.  Do not like bugs.  Oh yes, on the way to the big garbage container, I almost stepped on this snail.  Can you imagine the energy and time it took this beautiful creature to get right on my path.

Then, of course, I needed to go back to the apartment and get my camera (ccc) and take an impression of this coincidental moment.  According to the wise guys, nothing is coincidental in the universe.  So I took a few pictures, turned it a little to see if I could catch a glimpse of the little fellow inside.  No way.  It didn’t feel like entertaining visitors at that time.  Just like me, I thought.  Sometimes I love my silence and peace and quietude.

What’s the meaning behind this encounter with Mr. or Miss Snail?  Probably that I need to slow down my pace, and stop to be in the moment and be happy to be here and now.  I have been reading a book, Quantum Wellness, where the author states that being happy can only happen in the present.  So…there I go, trying to capture my happiness with my surroundings as it happens.

I think that animals, plants, snails, and other creatures never think about the next moment, tomorrow or yesterday.  That’s where we screw things up.  We love to worry, plan, be concerned about what impression we make to others and so many more hang-ups.

I need to stay in the moment, be grateful for said moment and be grateful for whatever it is that is happening as I type.  So I am!  The sun is shinning brighter today than it was yesterday, when I allowed myself to have a small pity party with moi and myself.  Not such a good idea.  Life is good!

So…it was today…7 November, 2011…a day of catching up with the friendly snails of the neighborhood.

Your Happy Contessa

“Get out of my way, that I am in a slow hurry.”  The snail to the Contessa.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

3 thoughts on “At the speed of a snail…

  1. I think that is an apple snail which is aquatic. Many times a bird will eat them and drop the shell on land. When you picked it up, did it feel empty. You should have been able to see the “foot” or muscle. We find them on our dock all the time. They lay their eggs on aquatic grasses up about a foot off the water. They are slightly pink and maybe 1/6 the size of an English pea. There will be a line of them up to about 25. They are an important part of the balance of nature in the zone from shore out to about 4′ in our lakes.

    1. You are so right. It did feel empty. Nature’s recycling at its best. You know so much about everything, or is your assistant called Mr. Google? I learn a lot from you. Thanks!

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