It’s not as easy as I thought writing a novel…

One hour. Getting familiar with a new format on WordPress. Have not posted since last February, so now I am paying the price for not keeping up with changes.

Well, the real issue here is my new found realization that writing a novel is not for people like me that think that anything is doable and fast. No, no!

I just found out that characters are real people with real issues. It’s not just saying she was gorgeous and he was so handsome. No…I have to give all these people some issues in their lives. You know, such as traumas, fears, complexes, it’s like being a shrink to determine what issues I am going to allocate to whom.

What the heck! I was not looking for problems when I decided to write a novel. I was thinking this was going to be a nice little romance story with a dead body somewhere tucked into a paragraph. Not so fast, the muses and the experts tell me.

I don’t know. The problem is that when I tell myself I am going to do something, I just need to do it to have some self-respect. I am re-thinking this self-respect issue now.

At least I have a title and 4 or so characters. Romance running wild in my imagination, so there’s no problem. Problems. For the characters. This is wearing me out.

Wanna bet? I am going to find problems galore for all these people running wild in my mind. Publication date? Only God knows. I can only take so many problems. Personal and now for the characters too.

God have mercy on me and my writing issues.

So it was today, September 16, 2020. Oh yes, 2020. A year to be remembered.

Still turning heads…

25B6815B-3EB2-492A-AF87-E694AF49AD35Yes, believe it or not I still got it! Whatever “it” is. I know it makes you feel walking on the clouds and keeps a smile on your face every time you think about it.

Allow to explain…yesterday during my Sunday walk, I always go by some tennis courts and there are lot of players doing their thing.  When I was passing by this particular court, there were (I am laughing right now just thinking about it), four guys playing and the turn for one of the 40-something guys came up for him to serve.  But he just kept looking at me while I was passing by until the other players shouted “hey, we are here waiting for you.”

What a heavenly moment!  I could be his mother or if I push it, maybe his grandmother.  I shifted my walk.  Straighten out my posture, and felt on top of planet Earth.  Man, I still got it, I thought.  Those are the moments when all the planets and universes align to bring you to that place of indescribable contentment, joyful,  and fun moment.

Maybe it was the tight black t-shirt with the white shorts, baseball cap and Ray Ban sunglasses.  A moment to remember me by.

I truly hope each one of you have this kind of moment in your lives soon.  It makes you feel un je ne sais quoi. Comprende vous?

Feeling fantabulous! Ahhh, life is super!


My camera hiding from me…

This is where my camera has been hiding from me. In the linen closet. It is afraid I may dump her into a pond with a floating Christmas tree still moving with twinkling little lights. Yep, in Florida we like to watch our floating Christmas trees until end of January.

Now to the real issues here. I am a portraiture photographer wannabe. Have a teddy bear as a model, and don’t have the foggiest idea how to access my digital menu. Watching this guy on YouTube that speaks 1000 words a minute. At least I learned from a sarcastic comment how to put him on slow motion. Even from sarcasm you learn something.

I want the people I take photo shoots from to look fantastic and fabulous. How’s that’s going to be accomplished, I simply don’t know yet.

I need guidance, direction and patience from my friend from above. Thank you God! I know one of these days I will laugh about these moments, but in the meantime, I am having an extra piece of plantain for dinner. Stressful moments right now, and I don’t eat cake. I don’t have any at home. That’s why.

So long my faithful readers and I’ll keep you posted.

Hugs, Abrazos.

A photographer of iconic images…yes, I am! Renaissance Woman strikes again!

Well, I am back!  2020 here we go, like 2019, there we went.  Where are we going in 2020?  I don’t know, but I know I am going to like it.  That’s how I survive, looking at the good and exciting part of everything and everyone that touches my life.  Even though, sometimes, setting boundaries is one of the best things you can do with some elements that come into your life and think that you are their walking carpet.

So excited to share this piece of news for this new decade.  I decided I am going to become a professional photographer.  Why?  Because I love to take images that tell a story, or I can make one up.  I like to make people look their best.  I want to make their iconic images a real thing.

Sometimes we as humans have some images or fantasies in our mind of how we are or would like to be.  I know for myself, I love the image Tina Turner portrays.  That forever young, active and her “I don’t give a dime about what you think of me” attitude.  Or at least that’s how I perceive it to be.

Another person I am emulating is Ralph Lauren.  I watched a documentary on HBO called Very Ralph.  I so love it!  He, Lauren, is such a dedicated, passionate and demanding person of his brand and his products.  He is the portrait of a classic image, at least for me.  He is so sexy too.

So here you have it, my aspirations for this new decade.  A tall order, but doable and as Marie Forleo’s mom would say, it’s figureoutable.  I think I have it right.

Yes, I will continue with my abstract minimalist paintings too.  As a matter of fact, I have a sketch of the next one.  Excited about that one too.

Life is a highway of exciting, challenging, lovely and the not so lovely things, but it is what we make of it.  No excuses.

Happy Decade to you!  May your illusions and aspirations come true or close to it.

Hugs, Abrazos,

So many options and only one me…



Too many options is not a good thing. Started writing this posting on my pc, but then my latest pictures are on my phone. A phone that writes in advanced what I want to say and tells people when I am on the road, so they can help themselves to my good stuff.

Again, why am I writing this? Oh yes, the restless creative beast inside of me thinks I can do it all. I have a headache just thinking the kind of tech mess I have created. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, my own blog, and yes, my too-smart-phone.

But then, I thrive on creative stress and I have to keep the body, brain and mind going all the time because getting to this vintage stage in my life is magnificent and so very challenging.

The first picture is a selfie pretending I am a fashion model (why not) and the second one I am with my little princess granddaughter Juliette.  I am not only learning from her mom, my gorgeous daughter, Milagros, but learning from Juliette how to use the word “No” as a complete sentence.

Life is a wonderful thing. The whole posting written on my so ever smart phone.

Happy Thanksgiving Week to all my followers and those that are not, but secretly are dying to be.

And so it is today, November 25th.

Bam! One more year to look forward to…

Well, I am such a blessed woman, been celebrating another Life Anniversary for the past week. Champagne or wine with breakfast. Sets the right agenda for the day.

At this stage in life, everything that happens is pure delicious icing on my cake. I mean everything!

You get to appreciate the same things you have been experiencing all your life, but through My own Looking Glass. It’s like saying, so what, it’s just momentary stuff. Literally and really. I am so chill and rolling with whatever to make my passage easier, laughable, and amusing.

My energy or aura must be kept totally blue or transparent. Even Juliette, my two years old granddaughter, knows how to do this. She’s a yoga baby. She keeps me grounded in her interpretation of whatever happens. She knows how to release her frustrations and keeps on going as if nothing happened.That’s the way to do it.

As long as I have my supply of oil for my wrinkles, I am so super cool.

Now on the road to 72! Not even in my wildest dreams. Oh yes, a Mr. Darcy showing up in my life will make it somewhat interesting. Only part-time. No time to make my life complicated. Guys always do that. Love them, at a distance.

Another moment in my forever interesting journey.

Hello, are you there? I am sort of here…

Hola world!  Today is the day!  I get to write a posting in my old faithful blog.  It was last December when I was full of good intentions to post somewhat continuously, but you know how it is, life gets on the way of a lot of things.

These two pictures are from October 2018 a happy day, before my big birthday.  I love taking selfies, pictures and a lot of stuff related to the arts.  Yep, I am an artist, among other things.

I have new digs, which I’ll share with you as soon as my hair, (it’s all about the hair) and my physical persona are in a condition that deserves an image for posterity.  I bought my own place, have been busy helping others, and now I am back to doing my usual, crazy, enjoyable stuff.  Stages of life.  Life overall is just spectacular and amazing.

Well, getting closer to another life anniversary.  Pretty soon.  It’s so exciting to be able to celebrate life anniversaries and be grateful that I can still do it.

Hasta pronto!  See you soon. By the way, this blog will be celebrating its 9th Anniversary next month.  Never dreamed of my fabulous fortune and life.

Thank you for reading.

Oh my gosh! I love my faithful readers…

0424181540-1Wow!  I have been away for so long, I have forgotten a lot of stuff about how to reduce photo size, even my password got misunderstood by my host.  Not only that, but there’s a complete new to me format as to how to do a lot of things.  So many details, too much time in my hand that I have been using for new and exciting goals, challenges and the wonderful life I am living right now.

That selfie was made last July in my apartment here in Florida (again), yes, I moved back to Florida in April of this year.  Same place, another apartment.  It was like being back home.  Happy, happy and more happy with my decision to move back to Paradise.

I need to start again blogging more often, because I opened my stats page just a few minutes ago and noticed that traffic is moving, even though I have said nothing new in a good number of months.  A nice lady from Canada asked me a question last August, and I just found out today.  I replied.  Hope she understand that there are people like me in the world.  Absent minded by choice.  What does that mean?  Who knows. My apologies, Kathleen.

Well, I will close today’s pondering moment by saying…it’s not over until I say so.

Muchos hugs and I hope you are enjoying the most wonderful time of the year.


Dashing through the snow…

Yep!  It is that time of the year to be in a Florida state of mind.  But, and there’s always a but in everything…Florida is also cold!

Maybe the Virgin Islands, be the American or British Virgin Islands.  Is that far enough, or should I make it Tierra del Fuego.  Nope, I just checked…it is cold there also.

What am I supposed to do?  Just hunker down and expect the snow to melt and temperatures to rise to a decent level, so I can shopping for my veggies and fruits.  Running low in that department.

Maybe hibernating is not such a bad idea.  But then…and always the but…I get hungry!  Don’t bears get hungry?  Something to investigate.

Well, this is enough material to change the Christmas ornaments from my previous posting.  One must write to keep up with the changing moments in life.

By now, you get it that I am doing this for fun.

Hasta luego!  Happy New Year and may you continue to be blessed with good health and happiness.


Jeepers!!!! Christmas is in the House…my House…

Stressed to the max!  I was a happy camper listening to Christmas music, and decorating and decided to take a break…then .I saw my blog and noticed it was snowing on the blog!  With a picture of a Thanksgiving memory.  The Christmas music had to come to a complete stop, because I couldn’t deal with what to do next. Here I am with a camera that tells me that the batteries are exhausted.  What about me?  No consideration whatsoever from the little mega pixels that live on the blip blip camera.

Who do these people (blog host) think are reading the blog.  People with super scupper vision?  I had to stop and change the font because I couldn’t read what I was typing.  Yeah, they want me to upgrade so I can have all the bells and whistles, but at a cost.  Do I look like a central bank, anyone?

Oh oh…I am starting to sound like the scrooge guy…need to hum again to bring back the Christmas Spirit and be a happy, pleasant and in a total control person.  Yeah…where are the Christmas candies and cookies I chose to ignore when I was at the store today.  I could use some eggnog with plenty alcoholic stuff to put me in the spirit again.  But then, alcohol kills brain neurons, and I cannot afford to lose not even one.  Dilemma galore.

Why does this always happen to me when I think about all that I need to do?  I was reminded also that there are only 25 days to most happy day of the year.

Hey, if you don’t hear from me again…plenty to do and many places to travel to…I wish a very Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Feliz Navidad and Happy New Year!

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