Dashing through the snow…

Yep!  It is that time of the year to be in a Florida state of mind.  But, and there’s always a but in everything…Florida is also cold!

Maybe the Virgin Islands, be the American or British Virgin Islands.  Is that far enough, or should I make it Tierra del Fuego.  Nope, I just checked…it is cold there also.

What am I supposed to do?  Just hunker down and expect the snow to melt and temperatures to rise to a decent level, so I can shopping for my veggies and fruits.  Running low in that department.

Maybe hibernating is not such a bad idea.  But then…and always the but…I get hungry!  Don’t bears get hungry?  Something to investigate.

Well, this is enough material to change the Christmas ornaments from my previous posting.  One must write to keep up with the changing moments in life.

By now, you get it that I am doing this for fun.

Hasta luego!  Happy New Year and may you continue to be blessed with good health and happiness.


Jeepers!!!! Christmas is in the House…my House…

Stressed to the max!  I was a happy camper listening to Christmas music, and decorating and decided to take a break…then .I saw my blog and noticed it was snowing on the blog!  With a picture of a Thanksgiving memory.  The Christmas music had to come to a complete stop, because I couldn’t deal with what to do next. Here I am with a camera that tells me that the batteries are exhausted.  What about me?  No consideration whatsoever from the little mega pixels that live on the blip blip camera.

Who do these people (blog host) think are reading the blog.  People with super scupper vision?  I had to stop and change the font because I couldn’t read what I was typing.  Yeah, they want me to upgrade so I can have all the bells and whistles, but at a cost.  Do I look like a central bank, anyone?

Oh oh…I am starting to sound like the scrooge guy…need to hum again to bring back the Christmas Spirit and be a happy, pleasant and in a total control person.  Yeah…where are the Christmas candies and cookies I chose to ignore when I was at the store today.  I could use some eggnog with plenty alcoholic stuff to put me in the spirit again.  But then, alcohol kills brain neurons, and I cannot afford to lose not even one.  Dilemma galore.

Why does this always happen to me when I think about all that I need to do?  I was reminded also that there are only 25 days to most happy day of the year.

Hey, if you don’t hear from me again…plenty to do and many places to travel to…I wish a very Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Feliz Navidad and Happy New Year!

First solo Thanksgiving in Florida 2011…by choice…

Looking back in life is most of the time a great thing.  We can always learn from our story.  I was cleaning my picture files on my computer, when I came across this picture.  Instead of me interpreting it as a sad memory, it triggered in me a retrospective of how far I have become in my journey.  It gave me a sense of the type of person I have become.  Strong, decisive, so very self-confident, and knowing when to choose to be by myself.  There’s strength in solitude.  Did I drink the whole bottle of wine?  Frankly, I don’t remember.  I do remember it was a good German Riesling.

I always dress myself and my table even when it is a solo affair.  I am the most important person in my life.  Sounds selfish, but really, it is not.  Self-importance is an indication of your inner and outer strength.  It is the best education you can give your children, so they, in turn, become self-confident and self-reliant.  Very important, because we are not going to be around forever.  Always do what you want to teach your children,  They do what you do, not what you say.

It was the best of times and it was the worst of times.  It was the best because I had Thanksgiving the way I wanted and it was the worst of times because I had all the anxieties and excitement of being by myself in a new city.  Life is always like that.  Our lives are a tale of two cities, just as Mr. Dickens would say himself.

To the philosopher in each one of us.

To all our memories.  I am grateful for each one of them.

Happiest Thanksgiving!  There’s something to be thankful for.  Always.


Here she is! My precious Nietecita…Juliette Isabelle…

The center of our Universe!  She is that magical essence that when I think of her, it brings a smile to my face that I cannot describe.  It is so much love, tenderness and at the same time my heart is swollen with so much gratitude.

Yes, she has both socks on.  I was checking on her to make sure she did not make one disappear.  She is this little bundle of joy, happiness and suspense.  When Juliette Isabelle is happy, all of us on Planet Juliette are happy.  When she is not, all of us are rattled.  She is very powerful, and she doesn’t even know it.

Why there’s not a picture of me holding her?  Long short story.  I just forget everything when I am around her, and frankly, I look like that other version of myself from a parallel universe that does not allow pretty people.  Get the drift?  I am totally concentrated on Juliette, not on my good-looking self.

I had a marvelous time with the family and when Juliette is around, everything changes to a magical, marvelous, wonderful, and happy time.  That’s when she is not crying or wants to socialize after midnight.  She’s all awake and very engaging in keeping everyone awake.  Then I look like a zombie before she finally decides that all of us should go to bed.

Happy times are here again!

Abrazos, Hugs,


What to write about when you have nothing to write about…


I have some free time between now that I am listening to my favorite playlist and going to exercise class at 11:30 am.  Then I thought, after preparing my salad for when I come back home, very hungry, at least I will have something waiting for me to launch at.

Romaine lettuce, spinach, one apple, some green pepper and mango.  When I am ready to eat, I will add EVOO, salt and some nuts.  It’s a humongous salad!  It will keep me chewing until my jaw gets kind of tired.

I am making progress…93 words up to now.  I just ponder, what do people from Russia, and other countries I didn’t even know existed read on my words.  How do they interpret some of my ever so nothing words.  I just don’t know, but my fingers are pressing on the keyboard, meaning, I am typing, and some people will be reading.  Amazing!

Don’t you ever misunderstand me.  I love it that all of you read my stuff.  A lot of effort and pondering goes into it.  This one is extra special, because I had nothing to write about to start with.  190 words.

I know I owe you a picture of my nietecita (baby grand-daughter) and me, but when I visited recently I forgot to take a nice dress proper for the occasion.  Next time I will be super ready!

She is so smart, only five weeks old and when I am holding her, she wants to impulse herself like wanting to walk.  I could tell you gazillion stories, but I am stopping while you are reading with a nice smile on your face.  She is just so precious and so beautiful.

Well, not that bad for having nothing to say.  Must get ready to go and move the skeleton.  Must.

The above picture was last week when I was getting ready to visit my nietecita and her family.  I am taking the train again next weekend.  One of the ladies on the train staff gave me a hug and said “welcome back, good to see you.”  Yep, my mileage account is doing pretty good.

O sole mio….beautiful song by Il Volo….so romantic!  Listening to that one right now.

Abrazos, Hugs,


There’s a new queen in my castle…it’s not me anymore…

It happened!  My priorities, and my whole universe have been shaken to the ground.  I am a grandmother!  Abuelita in Spanish.  That’s how Juliette Isabelle will be calling me.

I am so in love with my nietecita (grand-baby).  When I have a recent photo of the two of us, I will share.  The first thing I do now is take out my cell phone and put it in front of people’s faces and show them her picture.  She is in every screen saver there is in my tech world.

The  questions are:  should I let some, or more, gray hair show, should I behave a bit better, stop wearing stilettos, etc., etc.  The answers are, no, no and no.  I want her to know that age is just a number that is processed by the haters out there.  My age is determined, on most days, by my private world of thinking that the universe rotates around me.  Isn’t that the way it is?

Now, when I go into any store, I automatically go into the Baby’s Department and go “awwww, awww, and more awwww.”  Then I remember that her little closet is already looking fuller than mine.  Nevertheless, she does need to wear certain cutest ever little dresses, and matching socks.  She is a specialist at misplacing socks.  She is so much fun to watch.  Oh boy, don’t I sound like a “certified totally nuts about her grand-daughter’s grandmother?”  Yes, I am.

Now, I have to keep maintaining my good looks because being a hot-hip-grandmother is not an easy job.  It is not that easy when the clock is ticking and your body is listening.

Totally grateful to be an abuelita.

Hugs, Abrazos,


Megapixels…how many…again?


Life is just like a camera, but with a modern twist.  The cameras now have a count of megapixels.  The more the megapixels the more the details.  Is that a good thing or a not such a good thing.  It depends.  Let me explain…Megapixels are the little extra terrestrials inside the camera that decide how good or bad you are going to look.  It’s good not to set them in a very bad mood, because you may end up looking like a vision from down there, you know, hell.

I used to love my little camera with 14 megapixels and I still do, but not when I am taking selfies anymore.  I found out that if I use my telephone camera, with just 5 megapixels, voila, I look fantabulous!  It erases my wrinkles and other stuff that I just don’t care to bring up right now.  I am in a great mood so far.

So…what does this have to do with life?  A whole lot!  When we have a challenge be it a good thing or not such a hot thing, if we have 14 megapixels neurons to interpret the situation, Oh goodness…we can torture ourselves to death analyzing and over interpreting the subject at hand.  Then depression takes over or too much euphoria that then becomes a thing to worry about.

If on the other hand we just interpret the situation with just 5 megapixels neurons, we really could care less what the outcome may be, because it becomes not such a drama thing.  Are we together as of now?  Are you following me, or you are in the 20 megapixels mindset?  Don’t do that, please.  Stay with as little megapixels as possible.

Trust me on this…it works so much better.  Do you see how nice I look?  At least I think so.  Megapixels, dude, it’s all about megapixels!!

Sending you a 50 megapixels hug and abrazo,