Celebrating the goodness and differences in all of us…

I was reading a posting on Facebook yesterday whereby one person was making a comment about how his ideological friends that belong to the party other than his should feel bad for their ideological preference.

It made me feel very sad for this person, because I thought that to distill so much anger and sarcasm, you must be in a very sad and unhappy position.  A happy and content person would not make comments like that, because the beauty of our friends is their uniqueness, and we need people around us to think different from ourselves, otherwise there is no learning, no progress and just plain boring.  The rainbow has seven colors, that’s why it is so beautiful.

I learned to love and appreciate my friends before I knew about their ideological preferences.  I need to respect them because of who they are and where they are.  For some very special reasons, I chose them to be my friends.

Then, today while doing my chores downtown of the beautiful area where I reside, look what I found in the park.  An incredible amount of love represented by these pink flamingos.

There are more beauty and goodness in all of us than the other way around.

To all my dear friends, I love all and each one of you right as you are.  I would not want you to be like me, because then you are not being honest with me and most important, to yourself.

So…it was today…22 September, 2011…a day to celebrate the differences in each one of us.

Make it a beautiful weekend.  Until next Monday!

Your Happy Contessa

“A friend is someone who knows all about you and loves you just the same.”  Anonymous

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

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