Two tablespoons…

Since I moved here, around two months and so ago, I have been dreading doing my laundry, but it is a weekly ceremony that must be done.

Today, for the first time I had to go to the second floor to use the dryer, because the one next to my apartment was perspiring tremendously.  The thing thought it was a sauna to be.  Steam coming out of it when I first opened the door.  I used the washer as usual, and decided to use the other dryer to avoid any great drama on a Sunday afternoon.

Time came to go upstairs.  Had to wait for another lady to empty the dryer, but not a big deal.  Then when I was getting ready to go to my apartment to put my timer to remember to get my dried clothes, I noticed a “Stop” label on top of the washer.  It said to only use two tablespoons of powder or liquid detergent, because it was a high-efficiency washer.

I am still pondering on that one.  Does the machine have more hands than the older ones?  Does it chew the clothes faster, will it be clean as a whistle?  I don’t know what the answers are to these questions, but one thing I know for certain.   I do not like the whole concept.  Are “they” getting ready to stick it to us one more time and give us less detergent.  Are “they” conditioning our minds to the principle that “less is always better.”  With this, I mean, they may be trying to psych all of us to accept that we don’t need much money, much food, that we can do with less sleep, less clothes, less shoes (that is a hard one for some of my readers, I know) and less handbags.  Hi Lucy!

You know how “they” have been shaving off the soap, so it was the beginning of the “less is more” concept.

What am I going to do?  I have to follow the signs, otherwise, I may be messing up my “around the corner” laundry room.  At $1.25 a wash, maybe “they” want us to feel better using less detergent.  Dingy clothes?  Who cares, we are a bunch of old ladies.  Who’s looking at us anyways?  This is getting bad.  Cannot make too much noise, trains going by at 2:35 a.m., blowing their whistle as if there were lots of bodies sleeping on the tracks,   apartment having its own conversation with noises coming from everywhere.  What gives.

So…it was today…25 September, 2011…a day of doing more with less.  Right!

Your Happy Contessa

“The latest combo, dingy clothes and wrinkles go well together.”  Happy Contessa’s new life experience.

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6 thoughts on “Two tablespoons…

  1. The new High Energy washers use only about 1/3 the water and use less of a concentrated type of soap. (Will be marked on box). We had one at the Inn (Neptune) and loved it, It spun the clothes at about 1000 PRM and they came out with only about half as much water in them as regular washer. This reduced the drying time by half. Not a big deal for most, but for me, the Mount Dora. laundry Queen, it could save me several hours a day when doing 8 loads

    1. Do the math, less water, less detergent, spinning rate of 1000 prm(whatever that means)=dingy clothes, but the clothes come out so hot, that me with my limited vision think that I am ahead of the pack. I decided to be happy in spite of walking around with dingy but very high efficiency clothes. It is only getting better…can’t wait for the day when clothes won’t need any washing. Am I into something here?

  2. I had a HE washer and dryer at Dupont and at JB’s place – and we have a HE washer here at our new place. LOL – jump on the bandwagon mom… Everyone is doing it!

    1. You’re going to crack at this one. Lucy sent me an email saying that she had a HE washer. I did not put it together fast enough in my mind and thought, how does she know that the washer is a he and not a she…does that washer has something hanging around to make it officially a he? Then it dawned on me…HE means high efficiency! I guess walking around with dingy clothes is the status du jour 🙂

  3. Soap to be used in a HE washer will be marked as such. Regular soap does not do as well. Buy the HE soap (more expensive, but you use less.) The 1000 PRM (revolutions per minute) means about half as much time in the dryer where much of the “wear” on clothes occurs. It’s a great deal. It is also much cheaper to spin the water out than to evaporate it out, The reason they come out too hot is you are leaving them in too long for going in almost dry.

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