He Tarzan…Me Jane…

Well, well…I did not want to talk about this but…It is a jungle down here.  First I dealt with some unwanted visitors that will show up after I had gone to bed, and I will surprise them if I went into the kitchen for water…and oh man, there they were.

I fixed those ones all right!  Some boric acid and some alluring tablets did the trick.  No more of those.  Have found some casualties here and there, but my nights are now only interrupted by the once-an-hour-trains.

But there are other visitors that are making me a bit nervous and have me jumping at any minor noise I hear.  The froggies and lizards are invading my sunroom and are making me paranoid.  Have tried to find out where they are coming in, but no luck.  Afraid to go on the outside and get into the petite jungle in front of my sunroom, but I guess I will have to put on my boots and brave the wild environment out there and make Crocodile Dundee take a run for his money.  Oops, I mean Tarzan.

This morning there was a big Mrs. Humongous Froggie.  Could not read the newspaper outside, and breakfast did not taste the same, because I was on alert to do I don’t know what.  True, they are smaller than I am, by my mind gives them more power.

Had to share this with you all.  It is becoming an obsession of mine.  Go every two minutes to the sun room to see where in the world is that humongous Mrs. Froggie.  Finally, around 10:15 pm there was a moment of silence for the defunct.  Legs, very, very long.  Jumping no more.  Out of respect for the gone away, no picture-taking was allowed.

So…it was today…27 September, 2011, a day of fighting the jungle in the tropical zone of my apartment somewhere in Florida, the land of co-existing with all kinds of creatures.

Your Happy Contessa

“Patience is the best remedy for every trouble.”  Titus Maccius Plautus, Roman playwright of the Old Latin Period.  254 BC – 184 BC.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

5 thoughts on “He Tarzan…Me Jane…

  1. When I was a kid, I used to catch those camelian (there is a trick). I would tie a string around their waist and put a safety pin on the other other end and pin it to my shirt. They make great pets. The newer invasive species called Cuban Camelian are more aggressive and high school girls have been know to actually wear them as ear rings by allowing them to bite them on the ear lobe and they don’t let go. As far as the frogs, are you sure they are not a prince in waiting?

    1. Wow Lindsay, you are an ambulant encyclopedia! The things you know…prince in waiting…waiting for what and for whom? I already had my charming prince, so they are wasting their time. I should show them a little sign to pursue their catch at the next apartment. Hope you are feeling much, much better.

  2. I can not tell if the one in the photo is a native one or the invasive Cuban variety. You can tell easily by looking for the red sexual attractant they have under their chin. They put it down like a flag to attract others. It is the size of a penny and bright red. Be on the look out for it. It is their way of saying hey look at me. When Mary Lynn was little we were taking one home in a mayo jar with holes in the lid. She left it in the back in the sun and it died. We had to stop at a rest area and give it a burial.

    1. Out of respect for the lizard population, let’s stop right now. This is getting too intense! They maybe looking and listening…shhhhhhhh. I have to co-exist with these things. Paranoia galore.

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