Unconditional love…

I was watching a show about near-death-experiences and one of the persons that went through that experience said that when she was in this beautiful place, she felt unconditional love towards everything.  That made me think about the meaning of this blessed love.

The only example I can use is the love I have for my own daughter.  She does not have to do anything or give me anything for me to feel this kind of sentiment.  I think the love you have for your children is the only unconditional love we can feel.  No reasoning, no logic, it just is.

A spouse, a friend, brother, sister, by now you get my thinking, are loved by us, but somehow, there are some conditions always.  It is as if we are always negotiating in our minds and comparing feelings of gratitude, feelings of judgment and feelings of jealousy and feelings of unworthiness.  Those are conditions we place verbally or mentally on others to justify to us if they should be loved by us, or the other way around, if they love us as they say they do.

I may have compassion, love, admiration, and so on, but unconditional love, only for my daughter.  That’s my thinking, again.

Now, the purest unconditional love is the one that God has for all of us.  Just try to imagine that kind of pure and genuine love.  I am grateful that even in my most horrible moments when I behave as a miserable human being, God still understands, and loves me just as I am.

I felt compelled to share my feelings with you, because we need to know that we are loved always by our Creator and we always have the utmost support, we just need to ask.

So…it was today…29 September, 2011…a day of feeling unconditional love for my daughter and feeling loved unconditionally.

Have a very lovely weekend and I shall return on Monday.

Your Happy Contessa

“One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life:  That word is love.”  Sophocles, ancient Greek tragedian.  497 BC – 406 BC.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

2 thoughts on “Unconditional love…

  1. Dear lady, this article spoke to me ever so loud. You are correct we always have unconditional love for our children. I am attempting to remove all conditions from those other individuals that I love. I believe when the conditions are removed we free ourselves. Thank you for reminding me that I simply need to work harder on myself not the other way around!

    1. Thanks for reminding me to continue to work on myself…I will reach the ultimate moment as a work-in-progress. You are right, when we remove conditions that mentally we impose on others, we liberate ourselves. You learned and so did I. Thank you.

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