Bag with a lot of surprises…who can you trust anymore…

Just yesterday I learned something that has left me surprised and disappointed, but really, after the initial shock, I am back to being my old self.

I have been training myself not to let anything, too good or too bad to surprise me or shock me.  After six + decades, what gives.

I learned, thanks to my ever investigator friend, that a food chain, one that is very famous for being an authority in organic food was packaging organic frozen vegetables from a country in the far East, the one that is making most of our housewares, clothes, and everything else, and making the vegetables look from the image in the plastic bag as if they were a product of the U.S.   What a let down!

I will not be caught in high suspense surprise if one day a baby will come out of the mommy’s womb with scanned numbers printed on its butt and a label that would read “Made in China.”

Going back to the supposedly “organic heaven,”  the food in the salad bar and food that you can purchase ready to eat (hot) were or are not organic.  So much for my good feeling whenever I went to eat to give myself a treat at this organic authority.

So is life, what we see is not necessarily what we get.  But using logic, isn’t that the case with everything, even human relationships.  So…in conclusion I have decided to give myself an extra half hour to READ labels and make sure (or give myself the illusion) that I am picking up the right product.  Wishful thinking!

So…it was today…18 September, 2011…a day of feeling the little wooden knife stabbed on my back once again by “them.”

Your Happy Contessa

One definition of chemicals:  “Noxious substances from which modern foods are made.”  Author unknown.

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4 thoughts on “Bag with a lot of surprises…who can you trust anymore…

    1. Au contraire, my friend, I appreciate any and all information related to anything and everything I have an interest in. I have been watching other videos related to this subject matter. Thank you very much. Merci.

  1. You know in my former pre B and B life, I was a food technologist. 10 years with Welch’s Grape Juice and 20 plus in the OJ. Lots of BS and marketing out there about OJ going on right now. There are basically only 2 kinds of single strength out there, but some like Simple Juice are the same as brands like Florida’s Natural, but cost twice as much by claim to be a different process. Not true, both are the same by regulation. I also worked for decades with the USDA daily (they are the ones who certify organic) and I never met one I would hire. The people making organics can outsmart them in a heartbeat if they wished. The financial incentives are huge and there have been many cases..

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