Where the magic happens…or maybe not…

Today the element of magic has been eluding me all day.  This is the corner of my residence where my neurons meet the keyboard and the brewing of words takes place on a daily basis.

It is a very special corner.  I feel I am surrounded by the muses that maybe have been knocking on my Florida door recently.  I really do need some inspiration, because the well is running dangerously low.  As you can tell, I am writing about nothing much.  Can you tell I am just making time to see if my sleepy neurons come to my aid and help to make this a decent post for the weekend.

Trying hard as I am doing right now, nothing is happening.  Maybe the probability is that I have NOT studied my French lessons all week and now cramming time has come.  My French is getting mixed with my English, Spanish and the silent language of stress speaks.

I have questions for the teacher, but I am embarrassed to email her so late to do that.  My sister told me to tell the teacher that I didn’t have time to study and just leave at that.

Can you imagine an old woman, who voluntarily went and paid some good money to learn how to speak one of the most romantic languages in the world, would look to this young teacher.  Probably I will lose all credibility and respect.  I may have to stay late tonight and tomorrow night conversing with myself in French.  Parlez vous Francais?  The verb du jour is parler.  Je m’appelle ________.  At least I know how to say…my name is___________.  You should be so happy,  because you are learning French with me.

Blessed dear muses…welcome back, if even for just one second.

353 words…So it was today…15 September, 2011…making it by a thread.

Have a lovely weekend!  I will be back on Monday, if I make it through my French class.

Your Happy Contessa

“The crisis of yesterday is the joke of tomorrow.”  H.G. Wells, English author, better known for his works in the field of science fiction.   21 September, 1866 – 13 August, 1946.

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

6 thoughts on “Where the magic happens…or maybe not…

  1. Who cares what the teacher thinks of you? If you have questions, ask them whenever you want – this is what you’re paying for.

    Have fun avec ta soeur!

    1. Oh Kadzi, you can get away with those things when you are younger…at my age it is not cute anymore. I just need to study earlier to avoid crunching time. I am getting ready to have fun tomorrow and see if my neurons are with it.
      Merci. Au revoir!

    1. I will earlier in the week, not at the last minute. You and Kadzi are such young things and you can get away with things that a chick my age may look just lazy and not with it.
      Merci, mon cherie!

  2. If any can not ask questions of a teacher, no matter the time line, then she or he is not teaching. No question regarding any aspect of learning should be turned away. Don’t be shy – take the leap!

    1. Raylene, at my age, I am supposed to know better than to wait until the last minute to ask a question, that’s what I tell myself. I don’t think the teacher really cares. All in all, the class is going very well and I am making a bit of progress with my French. Au revoir!

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