Sunday, March 13th…

Not having changed my clocks last night, this morning around 6:55 am I looked at my electric red burning lighted clock (which by the way, why the color red, to horrify us more yet) and thought, according to the gadget maniac society I live in, right now it’s not 6:55 am, it’s 7:55 am.  Wow, I have overslept.  Yeah, right.   Went about my routine, you know, when you have had too many happy birthdays, routines in the morning are very important.

I pondered more deeply on the manipulation of time.  Just like that!  Clocks are even changing themselves, without our assistance.  Cel phones, dvrs, etc.  So do you think that all that power given to ourselves by ourselves, could be beneficial for our human system that does not know what the heck is going on.  At what time did I have breakfast?  Was it 8 or 9 am?  At what time am I going to have my middle morning snack, so I don’t feel like a shark desperate for food at what time again?

This business of fooling ourselves with everything, ie., pills to tell our brain that we are full, pills to tell our brain that we are not depressed, (remember, I am not against taking these if you really need them), creams to pretend we don’t have lines on our faces (hello!), and so many other things.  Sometimes some of these manipulations can be justified (creams 🙂 ) but this thing about the time, I don’t know.  Where am I going with this, I don’t know.  I guess this is one of my rebellious-kind-of day.

Thanks God the sun doesn’t really care what time we think it should be, there will be a sunrise when it feels like it, and there will be a sunset when it feels like it also.  At least someone is not in the business of denial.  A lot of denial for this, a lot of denial for that.    There is some kind of control under the heavens!

I wonder what’s the next big thing we are going to try to manipulate to try to fool ourselves in a big way.

Muses, where are thou?

Your Happy Contessa

 P.S.  I just looked at the clock.  12:25 pm, but foolish of me to think it is time to have lunch.  Hold your horses, dear stomach.  No food for a while yet.

P.S. #2 – Duke just won the ACC Championship.  If you don’t care, it’s ok, but I am elated.  Go Duke!!!!

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

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