My personal Black Hole…

Monday, March 14th…

I was reading the newspaper this morning with much interest, this was after the delivery person got a call from Main Office, as my newspaper was existing in a black hole, so they called and told this person that the little old lady wanted her paper. 

Interrupting my morning routine is not, I repeat, it is not a good thing.  It gets me out of whack and confused and I don’t know what to do with that stretch of time.  No tv that early in the morning.  The depression mode is not allowed in this house until after 2 pm.  Then anything goes.

Going back to the newspaper, there was an article about the mysteries of black holes.  I am always referring to black holes when something disappears and I don’t have the foggiest idea of where it is.  Definition of black holes is somewhat as follows; they are the most powerful force in the universe.  Not my ignorant universe, but yours and mine.  Nothing can escape it because I guess any attempt to do so will result in the pulverization of whatever it is that tries to leave such a place.

The picture above is my personal black hole.  Even when I go there, I find myself wanting to do two things, either I do not want to go in there in the first place, so I just open the door, throw whatever I have in my hand and shut that door as soon as I can.  Now, on the other hand, if I decide to brave myself and visit that luring place, I can stay there for a long time just looking around and deciding what I should do with all that “stuff,” and then I leave empty-handed deciding that whenever it gets warmer, I should come back and start getting rid of stuff.  If it is summer time, then the opposite rules.

How do we know we don’t live in a black hole?  No one has really been close to one, or inside one, or even seen one, according to this article.  It is so powerful that it bends time and space.  Now we are talking!  Time and space.  May I have a little black hole to apply it to my wrinkles, neck and laughter lines.  I might get sucked into it as a whole, and then, puff!  no me anymore.  Cannot have it all.

I have a fascination about anything that we have not seen or don’t understand.  I try to figure out things sometimes, but most of the time I keep all conclusions to self, because “they” may decide to commit me to the loony house, or decide to start giving me little happy pills.

What do you think about black holes?  In the Hispanic culture that I was raised, there is a lot of pondering and questioning everything, because we like to talk a lot.  We also like to know what’s going on with other cultures, and love to give opinions.  That’s why I love to know what’s going on and if I don’t know, I like to figure things out.  That’s the reason why I am writing today about those mysterious spaces called black holes.  This is an incredible universe,  the one we live in.  We waste so much time with pettiness and trivialities.  If we knew the magnitude of our universe, I am sure we somehow would become a happier individual.

I am glad for my good life, and glad I live in this moment surrounded by all of you, my friends and acquaintances.

Two of the sights of this morning’s walk in Miss Raylene’s neighborhood.  Enjoy them! 

So it was today…

Your Happy Contessa

“When a man’s willing and eager, God joins in.”  Aeschylus – One of the first of the three ancient Greek tragedians.  Considered the father of tragedy.

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