Grace and Resilience when facing incredible adversity…Japan


Something beautiful to honor the graceful and resilient spirit of the Japanese people

Tuesday, March 15th…

I was watching the news about the disaster in Japan just like everybody else in the world.  One thing that stroke me was the calm attitude of the Japanese people even though they are facing at this time something of apocalyptic proportions.

No screaming, no looting, no trying to get the journalist attention, just keeping in line or continuing to search probably someone very dear to them.

In a shelter, they were even recycling the empty bottles of water, papers, and I was more taken by the calm, peace and serenity that emanated from this segment of the news.

These images are teaching me the incredible ways of being graceful and resilient even when facing adversity.  I don’t think in my lifetime I will face the kind of adversity they are facing right now. 

What I have learned from them is to keep calm and focused at the task at hand, and that there are more important things than the material belongings that we surround ourselves with.  Intangible qualities are the ones that will carry us on when adversity strikes us, being it minuscule or of majestic proportions as the one the people of Japan are facing today.

May their spirit of resilience and grace continue to help them to carry on.

Your Happy Contessa

“Arrange whatever pieces come your way.”  Virginia Woolf

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