This business about liking to cook…

My new collection of cooking books...

Written Wednesday, March 16th…  But published on March 17th…Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!  The green background is to get green happy.

Last Saturday we had our local public library’s book sale.  I was the coordinator of the special books section, because that’s my specialty. 

Some of the special books...

Now that you have an idea of my section, the first photograph is the books I purchased because they, oh, look so appealing.  One thing must be made clear.  I do not like to cook!  Why…because my mother never allowed any one of us to come into “her” kitchen.  Someone had to be blamed, and why not my matronly figure.  She does like to cook…oh my…and she cooks sooo good!  But every action has a reaction.  The cleaning is a disaster area for the ones that had to do it.  Us, the five daughters.  Maybe that’s why I don’t like to cook.  It is too much drama, that if the food takes so long, that if it is going to taste good, that if “they” are going to like it, etc., etc.

Ron used to love my cooking.  Honestly, he used to rave about my cooking.  Probably he has a very special spot in the angels’ kingdom.  Hi Ron.

I purchased those books because the illustrations take me on a journey that I know is never going to materialize for me.  The actual happening of cooking those dishes in my kitchen.  Besides, the books look great as decorative pieces.

Nice collage...

See what I mean?  Anything to have a good-looking kitchen.  The painting on the right was done by a very temperamental artist.  His paintings are available only once a year, and then you have to make a very difficult journey through the mountains to his shack to get these primitive paintings.  But I really like them, so I don’t mind making this exhausting trip.  His name is “Richard.”  He doesn’t like to talk too much, so you really have to be fast when dealing with him and be forever grateful that he does you the favor to sell you his paintings.  OMG!

I am really bad.  My first fiction short story doesn’t sound that bad.  I mean the artist’s story.  He is really my brother-in-law.  Very nice person.  I just got carried away.

I will close today with a sight from this morning’s shopping trip around my neighborhood.

Cherry trees were a gift of friendship of the Japanese people to the people of the United States of America in 1912.  It is a long story, but this will suffice for now.

So it was today…

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2 thoughts on “This business about liking to cook…

    1. You mean he broke his silence and talked to you 🙂 You are very privileged. When is the next sale? I am honored he liked my description of him. Maybe he can give me a discount. Don’t push the envelope, I know.

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