Real… or pretending to be…Real

Dear Muses, I hope this finds you well and very happy wherever you are…because “YOU’RE FIRED!!

Now that that’s off my chest, I need to go and get my big old woman’s panties and deal with it.  The inspiration well is totally dried.  I had to resort to my pretend-to-be pears, shown on the picture above, to get something to write about.  Some are real, can you tell which ones?

According to my best buddy, Webster, real means not artificial, fraudulent, illusory or apparent.  Ummmm….if I look around long enough in this house, there is a lot of fraudulent business.  Pears, apples, flowers, wrinkles, hair color, need not to continue, otherwise I will be totally describing myself.

I remember one day, a very chummy girlfriend of mine, Lucy, was visiting me and while I was getting ready to go out, she said to me when I returned to the living room,  ” you really fooled me, I thought these flowers were real,” there is that word again, real.  The reason she thought they were real is because they were in a beautiful glass vase with water.  Yes, water.  I always try to camouflage unreal things to make them look real.  One of my decorating secrets.  She said “I went to smell them, and then I realized they were silk flowers.  Is there anything real in this house.”  Excuse me!  I am real!  I laughed my heart out, and told her that the flowers in her room were real.  By the way, Lucy, come back again for another real visit.  I had a great time.  Remember the country-french restaurant.  Can’t wait to go back there.

Then I proceeded to tell her that the apples, oranges and those flowers were making an attempt to eventually become real in their next life.

We had a good laugh at my “pretend to be” stuff.  No rotting involved.  All they need is a bit of dusting once in a while.  Here’s some more “unreal” things…

There's one that is real...

Can you tell which one is real?  Another painting by that very temperamental artist.

Real ones...

 There is a limit to unreal things.  Cannot eat them.  At least it is not good for me.  So you will find some real things in my house.  Remember, an apple a day, keeps……away.

I will depart today with some sights on today’s walk with Miss Raylene…

The one on the left we think is related to the magnolia tree family, and the one on the right is that pretty dandelion in its different stages.

Reality of life tells me my doses of inspiration for today is maxed out.

So it was today…

Your Happy Contessa

“You don’t have to look far to see a miracle”

P.S.  In spite of the absence of the muses, today I celebrate my 101st posting.  A toast to that milestone.  Thanks to all of you for continuing to read on!

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6 thoughts on “Real… or pretending to be…Real

  1. 101 already? Are you for REAL? I will plan for a visiti in June. I remember Cracker Barrel but Country French i guess that was before I starting taking my memory pills!

    Have a wonderful weekend. Sure you don’t want to go to Costa Rica with us??

    1. Lucy, Lucy…La Farm in Cary when we went to visit your friend and her family. Costa Rica will have to wait for a while, but muchisimas gracias. Did we go to the Cracker Barrel? I forgot that one, so we are even. Enjoy your weekend also!

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