Not much to say…New Zealand then…Japan now…

Every action has a reaction.  Sometimes I think we are abusing the privilege of being inhabitants of this beautiful place, our home, Planet Earth.  But sometimes I think nature ages just like all of us and during the process it makes some adjustments that have nothing to do with our abuse.

I am not going to say much, because there is not much to be said if you have been watching the news.  Not even fiction can come close to what has happened to our brothers and sisters of New Zealand and Japan.  Still is happening.

I hope they can find the strength, physically and emotionally to go through what they are going through, because nothing makes any sense.

Until next Monday…

Your Happy Contessa

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I enjoy writing about my experiences in the land of many happy birthdays!

2 thoughts on “Not much to say…New Zealand then…Japan now…

  1. These actions started about 12 miles underneath the surface of the earth where there is no affect by what happens on the surface. Many people have said it is due to global warming, but of course it is just a political statement for their own purposes. Only the top 15 miles of the earth is solid land and they are on floating plates that are in movement where the plates rub against each other is where there are earthquakes. The NZ earthquake involved a different plate. We live on a very complicated earth and know very little about it. There have been earthquakes in NC, but eons ago.

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