Some sights of Monday’s walkabout… full bloom...

These are some of the sights of my walkabout on Monday with Miss Raylene in her neighborhood…  Forsythia: any of a genus of ornamental shrubs of the olive family with opposite leaves and yellow bell-shaped flowers appearing before the leaves in early spring.  I didn’t know that.  My buddy Webster just defined it for us.

The one on the left is from Miss Raylene’s front yard.  I will call it a bush with pretty berries.  One on the right is a pear tree with its buds already all happy to be seen and looking forward to spring.  Then a few steps further…

On the right, because left does not need explanation…is what Miss Raylene and I think was a baby snake that didn’t make it home that day.  Crossing the road that day was probably taking a big risk.  Do not be upset.  Life and death are part of our beautiful nature also.  The circle of life.

I have titled this one…Monet’s field of lavender.  They are really weeds, but they don’t know that and are happy to look beautiful.  Maybe Monet had a field of weeds that looked just like this one, just taller and that was his inspiration (I am kidding).

The majestic pine trees on the left and the close-up look at one of their trunk and its bark.  Amazing, isn’t it. 

A happy to go with the flow wind sock I purchased at the $ Store.  Now we are back in my backyard.

This one is a tall tree fully covered with red berries.  I don’t know its name, but it looks pretty in contrast with its surroundings.  They look like berries from far away, maybe they are buds.

 Now you may understand why I enjoy my walkabout at the outdoors.  You never know what you are going to find or hear.  I always keep my eyes, my mind and my ears open to possibilities.  They are everywhere.  It is good for my lungs and my oxygen intake. 

I will say farewell for today with another shot of my happy to be around wind sock, full of gratitude and joy for the very windy day.

Your Happy Contessa

P.S.  It is easier when we go with the flow.  Simple and very profound.

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2 thoughts on “Some sights of Monday’s walkabout…

    1. Mr. Google just informed me you are correct. Red nandina bush or heavenly bamboo. It is not a bamboo though. Thanks Miss Raylene, a/k/a my walking partner. Your feedback is appreciated. I learned something new today I didn’t know yesterday!

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